When I find something that I enjoy, I latch on to it like a succubus holding onto to the thrill until nothing is left. Seems dramatic but ask anyone and they will tell you I have acquired some strange obsessions over the years. I don’t know what triggered the desire to watch D&D online however Relics and Rarities ignited a flame within me and now I am hooked. Needless to say, when I heard about D&D Live 2019, I was glued to Twitch all weekend. While I could go on about all the adventures for hours on end, this week I’d like to focus on the campaign that stole my heart in the first place, Relics and Rarities.

relics and rarities cast

Source: Screenshot D&D Live 2019

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Deborah Ann Woll’s entrancing DM skills, I encourage anyone and everyone to watch it on YouTube or VRV. For a more in-depth overview, one could also read my previous praises here. For now, I think a basic overview is all that’s needed. Relics and Rarities follow the journey of four unlikely friends as they encounter new alliances, battle ferocious enemies and solve problematic puzzles in the name of Professor Roundland. She is the proprietor of the Curiosity Shoppe and allows her band of misfits to borrow arcane objects for their adventure as well as introduces them to new guests each leg of the expedition.

relics and rarities cast

Source: Screenshot D&D Live 2019

During D&D Live 2019 the cast was comprised of:

Deborah Ann Woll: Dungeon Master and Professor Roundland

Jasmine Bhullar: Beryl The Brutal

Julia Dennis: Annabella

Xander Jeanneret: Rikki Huckster

Tommy Walker: Veros

Janina Gavankar: Mumée

Matthew Lillard: Allister Goldfang

all way clouds colors

Source: Photo by BLAXTAR ESSENTIALS from Pexels

As a warning now, there are spoilers from here on out! If you haven’t watched this portion of D&D Live 2019 please come back later!


First and foremost, I noticed Annabella and Beryl were wearing shark tooth necklaces and I squealed with glee. This was the most adorable Easter egg I have ever seen, and I must say it was a great touch. Onto the storyline, our heroes have returned to King Senna’s Tomb in search of the potion that cured Annabella of death itself. Upon entering the tomb, it is apparent that they aren’t alone as Mumée spots metal slats placed over the giant gaping hole that greets them. After a bit of investigating, a mysterious locked door was found and opened with little injury to the party. This led the team down a dark corridor in which a puzzle and a protective entity awaited. An awesome battle ensured and entry to the tomb was granted however, the key ingredient required to make the healing concoction was destroyed via a great mishap. As the group made their way back to the Curiosity Shoppe they found it tossed as if there were a struggle and with no sign of Professor Roundland.

annabella beryl and mumee

Source: Screenshot D&D Live 2019

That cliff hanger had me yelling at my television with a mixture of sorrow and excitement. Obviously, I was worried for Professor Roundland but thrilled at the idea of the second installment of Relics and Rarities. Woll, Bhullar, Dennis, Jeanneret, Walker and the electrifying guests found within our beloved show have remarkable chemistry. They bring laughter, friendship, and warmth wherever they go even in times of harrowing battles. They all play with such creativity and charisma it’s hard not to fall in love. Overall, I love Relics and Rarities and look forward to where D&D brings our adventures next.

rikki and veros

Source: Screenshot D&D Live 2019

In the end, D&D Live 2019 was a roaring success for a variety of reasons and I know I only scratched the surface. Clearly, I am completely biased in picking my favorite campaign to share with you all first but never fear, next week I will be sharing another tale full of surprises. I look forward to sharing my newfound love with all of you!