When the familiar swells of the opening intro credits started, I felt my heart leap with anticipation. It was here and it was everything that I-and many other X-Philes-hoped it would be. And that was just the music! The show’s fans are a tight knit community that is über protective of the legacy of “The X-Files.” We weren’t disappointed either.

In “My Struggle,” the overall mythology of government conspiracy and alien abduction picks up where the original left off fifteen years ago. Scully and Mulder are living very separate lives and slightly off of each other’s radar (out of sight, not out of mind though). They are suddenly and majorly thrown back together when a conservative pundit named Tad O’Malley (a highly snarky Joel McHale) reaches out regarding alien/human hybrid babies. O’Malley has a contact named Sveta (Annet Mahendru) who was interviewed by Mulder as a child. She insists she was abducted multiple times and impregnated (with the fetuses removed prior to her giving birth). It’s a familiar scene for “The X-Files,” done exceptionally well in this rebooted version.

The brass tacks come down to the government being behind EVERYTHING, as usual. The GOVERNMENT manipulates the abductions. The GOVERNMENT impregnated (or pretends to impregnate) abductee women. The GOVERNMENT takes the evidence. It’s conspiracy at its finest and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, a new wrinkle is thrown into play (Cigarette Man just die already!)

In the second episode, the writers separate the mythology and give the viewers a standalone. Still steeped in lore, this focused on Scully’s medical expertise and the fact she and Mulder gave their son William up for adoption. The introduction of evolved humans plays heavily, with the main plot being genetically mutated kids being held in captivity by a recluse scientist, Dr. Augustus Goldman (Doug Savant). The dichotomy between evolved humans and mutated humans is stark: kids with facial abnormalities are kept under lock and key while EVOLVED kids are placed with families. “Founder’s Mutation” speaks to a deeper level of eugenics. Only the best of the best. Only the evolved shine.

This reboot has managed to encapsulate all of the grit, chemistry and wit of the original. It has all of this plus the added benefits of 21st century tech. The X-Philes are in full force and ready for more, more, more.