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Since Pac-Man burst to life in the 80’s, mothers around the globe have been convinced that too much gaming is detrimental to their little darlings’ development. Granted, we’ve come a long way since then. But was mom really on to something or do we in-fact have superior abilities in the field of cognition in comparison to the generations before us?

Gaming Epidemic Spreading Like Wildfire

There is no doubting that we have become addicted to our electronic devices, and the gaming possibilities that come with them. These days you can even make a living by gaming online, and this influences many to get involved with the gaming epidemi

There are many ways to do to earn your profits and rolling the dice at an online casino Canada real money is certainly won by many. Numerous articles can be found online to back this theory up with being a good example, but is this also improving our cognitive abilities or is this just an old wives tale?

6 Cognitive Benefits provided by Gaming

1. Increased Social Skills

The increase in popularity of online games has also brought to light one of the main concerns that gaming always had; the lack of social interaction. Now-a-days, the top online games are played by people from all corners of the world together, who are constantly interacting with each other in team building exercises, whether they know it or not.

Strong friendship bonds are formed both casually and long term without the knowledge of one’s race, gender or ethnicity. This in-turn has the power to teach players the importance of substance rather than face value with regards to relationships.

2. Enhanced Co-ordination and Repetitive Functions

Gaming provides incredible co-ordination skills as one is never blankly staring at a screen (told you, mom!), but rather constantly stimulated both visually and physically. To be successful at any game, the player needs to master the skill of co-ordinating not just visually and physically, but audibly too.

Studies have also proven that playing games in moderation increases the brains ability to further repeat repetitive functions, directly relating to an increase in one’s memory.

3. Increased Concentration

Especially with regards to action games, attention is improved dramatically as players must be able to concentrate on the game in order to progress. A lack of concentration will inevitably result in specific game objectives not being fulfilled and the flow of the game will cease. You can’t make it to the next level if you keep dying.

4. Problem Solving Techniques

Video games have a storyline or plot that is followed and even the most basic require rules to be met. Players are forced to think carefully about their actions as all will involve consequences at some point. This is especially true with split-second decisions as faster games are always more enjoyable to players.

5. Enhanced Brain Speed

The more stimulation our brain gets the more it learns to adapt to that stimuli at a faster rate. Gaming has the ability to provide that stimulation from multiple sources including audio, visual and physical. This keeps the brain active through continuous stimulation and provides a great base for further connections of the brain’s synapses. Practice makes perfect after all.

6. Improved Multi-tasking

A player’s ability to multi-task is always going to be a key factor in their ability to succeed at a game, with action games offering a very clear example. While the player is focussed on the screen, they not only have to concentrate on the plot of the storyline, but are constantly double checking their ammo, health bar, time remaining etc. This increases reaction time also.

But where your Mother was definitely correct is when she mentioned the old saying “everything in moderation”. Studies have all concluded that shorter, more frequent periods of gaming are more beneficial to the brains ability to adapt to situations faster compared to marathon stints in front of the screen. Ensuring you take frequent breaks and indulge in plenty of exercise daily will help you balance your gaming with your overall health, enhancing your cognitive abilities at the same time.