The system, everywhere you go there is usually a system in play and usually they have some problems with corruption. On this episode of “Bob’s Burgers”, season nine episode twenty-one, “P.T.A. It Ain’t So” fans watched Linda take a stand and prove that she is not only lovable but a capable example. Also there is a returning character that almost no one thought was going to come back so look forward to that. While Linda is taking care of business Bob struggles to give an adequate apology after accidentally offending someone.

Bobs Burgers (PTA It Aint So 1)

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Everything starts off with the Belcher family stocking toilet paper. Linda states her ambitions for her P.T.A. involvement while the rest of the family, plus Teddy, make their way to a local family owned hardware store.

Some fans may recognize Colleen Caviello, a character who made her debut on “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs”, and may know of her as a rival to Linda. The P.T.A. story is mainly about Linda, Colleen and a new character Joanne.  Immediately, some thing felt off when Joanne (president of the P.T.A.) started to favor Linda for a position on the P.T.A. as Treasurer when Colleen was the obviously better choice. Colleen, who has a background in accounting, showed signs of superior accounting capabilities and on the other hand, Linda had fun ideas but failed to consider costs which is an important factor. This fact immediately set off red flags to viewers so this tactic felt a little to obvious to say the least but at the same time kept people guessing.

As the episode progresses it just becomes more obvious that Joanne is up to something and Linda is a pawn in that plan. Linda finally admitted something was wrong when she caught Joanne stealing donations for her own personal use. The obvious clues alluding to Joanne having ulterior motives -we felt- really added to the episodes suspense because when you know its coming it becomes more intense. You could see something was about to happen but didn’t fully understand what it was and if Linda could handle it on her own.

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Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

In a shocking twist, Linda learns that Joanne and her husband own the company making the supplies the school is fundraising for. So not only was she stealing donations but was going to make a profit off the P.T.A.’s efforts. This turned into what we think was one of Linda’s shining moments in the season. Enlisting the help of Colleen, whom she hates, Linda reveals to everyone the severity of Joanne’s corruption. How she only wanted Linda as treasurer so Colleen wouldn’t learn the truth, how she stole donations and funds from the P.T.A. but lastly how she was manipulating everyone into fundraising for her products to be sold at full price.

Joanne broke down and stated that she deserved everything she took because of how difficult being the P.T.A. president was. It was a thankless job that required so much work and wasn’t really rewarding in the long run as no one was really willing to get involved as much was needed. Everyone voted her off but we hope to see her again seeing as her kid goes to that school and a future clash could make an interesting plot line.

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Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

On the other side of the spectrum, while Bob, Teddy and the kids went to the hardware store, Bob accidentally made a mean joke about the owners bird who went missing due to the fact that her was unaware that the pet disappeared. Throughout the episode, Bob tries to make amends but continues to fail or make himself out to be mean by poking fun at the owners suffering. Eventually, this affects Bob’s and Teddy’s relationship as the owner will now no longer give Teddy a discount for being associated with Bob. Personally, we thought they were being a little to sensitive with a few things but losing a beloved pet can be upsetting so maybe it was just the timing. Birds of paradise are lovely, decently priced flowers.

What makes this episode a highlight it the volumes it speaks to Linda’s character. Shes a person who enjoys fun but at the end of the day will do the right thing despite the problems it may cause her. Also, we want to mention how amazing that the writers brought Colleen back for this story because it really added to the points being made. Even if she just came back for this episode alone, her reintroduction was tastefully executed.

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