Merry won. She is pregnant with twins (possibly triplets) before her cousin Cel. Faerie crowned her Queen not just Queen Andias. Merry refused the crown. Instead she chose exile in the human world with Doyle, Frost and whomever would follow. She had to. If she wants her children to have the possibility to survive.

Merry moves back to L.A. She and her men rejoin the detective agency to make a living. She is called in to murders that chill Merry and her guards to the bone. Merry may have refused the crown but she cannot let her people to die. All of the murdered are the Demifae.

There are more ways than one to die. The Sidhe that followed her out of Faerie are afraid she will go insane and that even though the no sex geaes was lifted, most have stayed celibate for fear Merry would freak out and kill them.

Will Merry find out who is killing the Demifae? How does Merry fair so far in this pregnancy? Let me know what you think of the book in the comments below. Til next week…