What’s up guys? I am back with the latest update on our Shameless(US) season-8. We have seen so far how the season has already set the ground for upcoming blasts and now it’s more!

If you remember from our last episode, Ian and Carl were almost caught by the meth dealer, whose meth money was enjoying the Gallagher family (except Fiona, obviously!). This time he comes at their house and the Gallaghers now have to pay for the drugs they had stolen from him. Fortunately, there is one sane person still alive in this house and that is – Fiona. She had already saved some of the meth in Monica’s coffin. Guess what? St. Francis’s wisdom and Fiona’s honesty saves them at last. Though it was a very close game.

Kevin, on the other hand, digs up more about his inheritable diseases and eventually finds out that he might be one the rarest inbred populations of USA from Kentucky.

I would recommend you watching this episode to find out the interesting stuff going on with Fiona, Debbie, Yeouens and Svetlana. This one, just like other recent episodes of Shameless, has done great on its expectations.

Sit back, have popcorn over this weekend and enjoy this episode, if you haven’t already.