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Episode Synopsis:

Jess tries to appease Winston’s anxiety about his impending fatherhood by tracking down his long lost dad (guest star JB Smoove). Meanwhile, Schmidt goes back to work for the first time since Ruth’s birth.

Winston’s “dad”

Winston and Aly decide that they want to have someone be a godparent to their son, and who do they choose, but none other than Jess. She becomes overly happy about the honor, that she decides to help Winston and Aly in any way possible. First, she decides to go to a birthing class with Winston, and things of course go out of control. Jess freaks Winston out about how he’s going to become a father soon, and bad thoughts start going through Winston’s mind. He later tells Jess that he’s scared to become a father, because he keeps on thinking about his own father, and the fact that he never met him. I really liked how this episode didn’t center around the mother being scared to become the parent, but the father. I would think it would be pretty normal for people who have had a single parent all their life, to doubt themselves, when it comes to being a parent themselves. In Winston’s case, he never had a father to look up to, so he’s not sure how he’s going to do as a parent himself. Obviously, Winston will be a great parent because he’s incredibly sensitive and cares about others. He’s always had a big heart and I’m sure he’ll teach his son the right lessons in life. And as the episode progresses, Jess decides to find Winston’s father, which she thinks she does, and Winston and his “father” reminisce about their lives and what they have in common. Funnily, enough, Aly tells Jess that that person isn’t Winston’s father, and Jess has to break the news to him. What makes me laugh, is that JB Smoove was a really good choice as an actual father for Winston. They look alike and they really had great chemistry together. Too bad that he’s actually not Winston’s dad. And lastly, what I loved, was that after all that confusion, Jess told Winston some great advice. That even though he never had a dad, it doesn’t mean that he won’t be a great dad.


With Jess being Winston and Aly’s godparent, Nick decides that he’s Ruth’s godparent as well. Well, he finds out that that’s not really the case, and he tries to prove that he would be a great godparent to Ruth. And while all of this is going on, Schmidt decides that he’ll return to work, and let Cece take over the duties of taking care of Ruth during the day. I liked this role reversal as well, because usually it’s always the “mother knows best” scenario, but this time, Schmidt’s the one that has everything under control; which does make sense, because he’s always the one that’s organized and ready to go. Throughout the episode, Nick tries to be a good godparent and has to help Cece get Ruth from school. Things don’t go as planned and poor Ruth ends up in the armadillo position. Schmidt tries to sell salsa at work, but has to go take care of Ruth. In the end, Nick kind of warms up to Ruth and even though Schmidt was doing great at work again, his true passion now lies with his daughter. I really liked this change in Schmidt, because we’ve always seen him worrying about work and wanting to do the best he can career-wise. But now that he’s a dad, his full attention is with his family. That’s some real character development for a once egotistical bachelor.