This review is going to be very short, because unlike the 90 minutes of episode, it didn’t have much information to recap.

The Walking Dead has a history of having a huge important story line end with a cliff hanger, and then they venture off to a totally unrelated one off episode to upset the masses awaiting the outcome of the major cliff hanger. For instance they did it with Andrea and Michonne, and we all groaned, “oh know not Andrea she is the worst!” So after having the big cliff hanger with Nicholas and Glenn surrounded by walkers, the show brings us the long awaited back story of Morgan. I think at another time it would have been more well received. But 3 things doomed the reaction to this episode.

1.) Everyone doesn’t care right now because they know Morgan is fine, and they want to get an update on Glenn.
2.) It was aired the night after the clock changes and people’s internal clocks were already messed up.
3.) It was a story driven 90 minute episode that dragged on at spots.

So keeping up with Morgan after the episode “Clear” where he encountered Rick, Michonne, and Carl, he was clearing everything that he encountered. His definition of clear was to kill and dispose of if you are unsure. He was clearing walkers, he was clearing humans, he was so lost as a person he couldn’t find direction besides in chaos. His walker kill count has to be amazing when it’s all said and done, maybe one of the biggest ones on the show. This episode also shows him instantly killing a father son tandem who just happened to cross paths with him in the forest. Morgan wasn’t even willing to have a discussion with them.

Shortly after that Morgan was venturing off again he came across a cabin and a goat, he tried to steal the mans goat, the owner of the cabin and the goat, a man named Eastman was able to out smart Morgan and was able to sneak up on him and knocked him out. Eastman as it turned out ended up having a cage in his cabin and kept Morgan hostage instead of killing him even after Morgan shot at Eastman outside during the failed robbery. Eastman was pretty low key, he was mastered in the art of Aikido, he taught Morgan in the ways of the staff, and how to mellow out, as Aikido loosely translates to unifying with life energy. The lessons didn’t stick at first, as Morgan instantly tried to attack and kill Eastman after getting out of his cage. Morgan knew what he needed to do but couldn’t face the demons until it was to late. When training outside Morgan got cold feet trying to attack and kill the walker version of the boy he murdered in the forest earlier. When Morgan froze up Eastman had to come in and make the save and ended up being bitten in the process.

Eastman would have been a great addition to the team, he would have been a great influence on the Alexandrian’s as I feel he would have the ability to teach them to at least defend themselves. Morgan didn’t fully grasp and take to heart the lessons Eastman gave to him until it was to late. After seeing Eastman bit, and still continue on his mission of burying bodies and marking them, did he realize the importance. Morgan had to bury Eastman, and you could see that the experience changed him. He looked sad yes, but didn’t have the strong crazy eyes look as before. Upon leaving the grave for Eastman(among others) we see Morgan continue on to an unknown destination as he needed somewhere else to go. This is when he comes across a sign pointing towards Terminus. We are starting to get a better understanding of what Morgan was doing between Clear, and meeting up with Aaron and Daryl at the Wolves food plant trap. So this brings up another question for Morgan, do we have more backstory? We do know he went from outside Terminus, and we got a glimpse of him at Father Gabriel’s church and then we saw him meeting the Wolves before meeting Aaron and Daryl. That is a lot of miles and a lot of potential story line to cover. One of the biggest things Morgan has ever said, that hasn’t been breached in the show, but has in the comics is that Morgan says he saw people wearing dead man’s faces. I’m curious to see if he says something about that or if we see that happening first.

Will we find out what happened to Glenn this episode? No, but we will find out another bombshell.