Source: TGON

If there’s one thing we as viewers can bet on with HTGAWM, it’s this: Annalise Keating will rise like a phoenix from the ashes when she’s knocked down. Suspended by her University for SOMEONE ELSE posting salacious flyers about her, Annalise stood her ground when it came to protecting her legal workshop and students. The case this week: a millionaire charged with murdering a young woman because he took a selfie…and didn’t call 911 when she was in distress.

The client, Toby, is a filthy, disgusting, mcnasty wretch. He talks about women in the most demeaning terms and has no compunction about it. Annalise ends up as his sixth attorney-and she is raring for a challenge. With Michaela as her most irritating second chair (see Bonnie almost snatch her when she’s miming Annalise’s comments in court), she manages to have evidence negated and gives her client a fighting chance.

Having access to Toby, Michaela sees his secret stash of money (funds he said he didn’t have). On an overnight trip to Atlantic City with Asher, Oliver and Connor, she bets $20,000 of NOT HER MONEY on all black on Roulette. They win and are up; alas it doesn’t last and they end up with “negative Benjamins.” Finally using her noggin, Michaela pawns her former engagement ring and gets the money back. Crisis averted.

Laurel is visiting her father (the still fine Esai Morales, rawr) and trying to obtain information on Frank’s whereabouts. We get a solid idea of why Laurel avoids him:he didn’t pay her ransom when she was kidnapped and left her mother for another woman (while she had mental health crisis). Hashing it out, Laurel essentially signs her life away and gets the info on Frank. She is due to report everything to Annalise regarding Frank, but she doesn’t. She lies.

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