So it looks like the team will be heading back to the Salem Witch Trials without Wyat… but with Flynn tonight… and that should 100% end well, since trust is paramount on these trips. But on the plus side, looks like we get some sweet Ruya time, and Wyatt and his wife still don’t look super cozy with each other.  Read below for NBC’s official preview:

While Wyatt (Matt Lanter) sneaks away from the bunker to face an unbelievable truth, Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and their former enemy-turned- teammate, Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjic), chase the Mothership to the Salem Witch Trials. There they must prevent the execution of a headstrong young woman who, it turns out, is mother to one of the most consequential Americans of all time – the yet to be born Benjamin Franklin. When Lucy is accused of being a witch, the team rallies together not only to save Abiah (guest star Sofia Vassilieva) and Lucy, but all the accused women.

I don’t know about you, but saving all the women (and man) who died during the trials would seem to have that Butterfly Effect situation Lucy was so keen on not doing last season. I wonder what made her change her tune? Is it because Rittenhouse is the one who shaped the current timeline they’re in? Or is it something else? Has she just lost all desire to maintain the historical integrity of her timeline? And how far removed from our original baseline is the team at this point?

I have so many more questions, and hopefully some answers, when I review tonight episode of Timeless.


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