Is anyone even watching this show anymore? It is not what it used to be, not what it could be, not what it should be.

During this episode they pulled a play out of the Walking Dead’s playbook. They left you on the edge of your seat with a big cliff hanger, only to come back and give you a completely different side story even with secondary characters.

We join Matt and Mary after they have gotten settled into Miracle. You think you are watching the movie Groundhogs day, as we see the same cycle every day, wake up, groom and clean up Mary, go to church and preach, go home and watch some video and repeat. He would set up the laptop to record his wife every night while she slept, in an attempt to see if she wakes up in the middle of the night.

During the routine he does notice that she opened up her eyes. He tries to get her to respond to him and she still is distant and does not. Some time passes and Matt takes Mary to a doctor out of town to do some tests on her, while their the doctor reveals that Mary is pregnant. Matt is very excited, though it raises many questions, how is she pregnant when it was thought she couldn’t have children? Since she is unresponsive was some sort of sexual assault happening?

Matt was getting some heat for the pregnancy but he seemed pretty oblivious to the whole thing, not thinking anything was wrong. On the way back to town Matt stopped to help a vehicle that was stalled on the side of the road. When the father realized that Matt had a wrist band and the wife was unresponsive he attacked and stole the wrist bands for himself and his son. The father also stole the battery from Matt’s vehicle to get his started again so Matt and Mary made their way back to town. Now either Matt was envisioning, or Mary did wake up for a spell, she told Matt essentially he had to get it together and get her back to town or she would lose the baby.

After, let’s face it, some unimportant events in the campground, Matt and Mary are rescued by Nora and the are hid in the back of the trunk to get back into town, along the way they came across an accident that was the father who attacked him from a goat herd. Matt got out of the trunk to get his bracelet back, and he saw the child hiding in the grass. The child was very willing to give up the wrist band. Matt decided to give Mary a wristband to get back into Miracle, and he decided he was not going to tell the town folk of any wrong doing or rape, and gave up his bracelet for the kid to enter Miracle.

Matt decided that he would go back to the campground, where they had someone on display for repentance, and the only way to free them was to get nude and take their place. He decided that he was going to take the place of the stranger and put himself up for the torture.