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FLASH FORWARD TO THE FUTURE — Mia (guest star Katherine McNamara) and William (guest star Ben Lewis) venture into the Glades on a dangerous mission. There they run into Dinah (Juliana Harkavy), Roy (Colton Haynes) and Zoe (guest star Andrea Sixtos) who deliver some devastating news. The flash forwards share highlights from Mia’s childhood with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). – the CW

This is an all flash forward episode focusing on William and Mia.

The episode opens with Mia being born in a cabin in the woods. Then as a small child Nyssa al Ghul trains her in combat until adulthood. Things seem moderately happy in her life besides the fact that they are in hiding and get go to Star City or else people could find out who her dad is. Things get a little wild when she finds Felicity’s batcave. They’ve been in hiding and she isn’t happy to see that Felicity is still vigilanting (is that a word?) and that prompts Mia to run away to Star City looking for the truth. And thus Blackstar is born.

In their present, Mia and William start their trek into a walled off Glades searching for Felicity. Elsewhere, Roy, Zoey and Dinah are searching for the bombs placed throughout the city during the search Dinah confirms that Felicity’s death was in fact faked.

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When they return to the Arrow Cave, Rene is there to greet them and attempt to stop them. He is being duped by Galaxy One into believing what they are doing is right. Everyone roasts him especially Zoey but he doesn’t falter.

The Glades and Star City have basically swapped their social classes. The Glades is super swanky and built up They infiltrate Galaxy One looking for Felicity as her coordinates lead them there. The pair almost run into trouble when Connor Hawke bails them and out covers for them. Apparently he is some kind of agent.

Connor Hawke is an agent of Nightwatch which is basically a new version of ARGUS so he is just like his dad unless his dad is Bronze Tiger.  He has been investigating the building for awhile, there’s some private levels he has been trying to gain access to and now with Mia and William’s help doing so, might just be possible. They just need some DNA and that proves no trouble for the pair of them.

Mia is 100% Oliver’s daughter. In one of the private levels she absolutely destroys some guards while smiling. After the guards are dispatched, Hawke, William and Mia find Felicity in a cell. The first thing she says is I told you not to come. Classic. After she is released there is of course a nice little family reunion until she wants to go back and stop the bombs which rattles Mia. Felicity can never stop being a hero, William agrees to help. Mia sulks of with Connor.

During the sulking Connor apologizes for all the lying and reveals that he was adopted by Diggle and Lyla. Basically confirming that Bronze Tiger is his dad. He also quotes Spider-Man so, there’s that.

On their way to the bombs they run into Dinah, Zoey and Roy.  And the talk with Connor convinces Mia to help and now they’re all looking for the bombs. Hell, even Rene shows up to help. The bombs have been moved but he’s there to help. The easiest way to stop the bombs is to get the detonator from Dale (the dingleberry whose DNA they got earlier.) Future Team Arrow is infiltrating a party to find Dale. After some ass kicking Mia is able to destroy the detonator with a well placed arrow.

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There work is done for now. They must go back into hiding and Galaxy is far from done trying to destroy vigilantes with the Archer program.

The episode ends with our present day Felicity turning the Archer program on. It looks like vigilantes may have in fact destroyed Star City. Or at least Felicity’s Archer program did.

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