I’m super late to the party with this post, but finally, here it is…

The Oscars was a great night and this was my favorite red carpet of all the award ceremonies. There were many different silhouettes and the array of colors were across the board. Ruffles did make a return, but I was able to look past it.

Here’s my picks…


Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 2.08.17 PM

Image Source: Ashley Lee (Twitter)

Michelle Yeoh is wearing Elie Saab, and I think overall, Michelle has looked amazing throughout the award season. She chose gorgeous dresses, that really stood out from the crowd and looked perfect on her figure. This one was no different. Even though this color dress could have washed her out, I think it looks great on her because of the sparkle throughout. The detailing is so elegant and the cut of the dress shows off her figure. I like that the sleeves are slightly off the shoulder and the plunging neckline isn’t super daring. It’s just enough.


Brie Larson is wearing Celine and I love the sleekness and how modern it is. It’s both sexy and conservative at the same time, with the high slit and the high neckline, but what really makes it a showstopper, is the sequins that glisten from head to toe. I also love that she went monochromatic with her accessories and that her hair is also slicked back to add to the modern look.

Jason Momoa is wearing a custom Karl Lagerfeld tuxedo and he is probably one of the few actors that could pull this off. The pale pink actually looks great on him and I like that it’s contrasted with a darker color. I also like that in usual Jason Momoa fashion, he made the look more casual and it’s more carefree. The fit is also really nice on him.


Nicholas Hoult is wearing a Dior Men tuxedo and even though it may look like the usual black tuxedo, if you look closer, there is so much more than meets the eye. The craftsmanship on this jacket is amazing! There’s added panels of fabric that wrap around  his chest, and fall from his waist, which is an interesting detail, and it makes the look more high fashion. It’s taking a risk, without going overboard with it. And it’s nice that he left everything else simple.