Helloooo Gothamites! Now, I’m sure you’re all still a little emotionally sore after the episode we just watched so here’s what I’m going to do for you: Absolutely nothing, if I had to suffer so do you. So what I’m going to do is give you the lowdown on what happens this episode, and then I’m going to get all emotional and sad and use you as my source of venting. Enjoy this emotional torment. NOW LETS GO!

So, I absolutely love this episode because it’s very Bruce-and-Alfred-Centric, and their “Father/Son” style relationship is one of my favorite interactions throughout the show.

We first find Bruce meeting up with Selina in a sketchy alley to retrieve the gun he’d asked for. You remember? The gun he’s going to use to kill Matches Malone? She got it for him. of course, she warns him that it’s not a toy, and that murder is not some concept that he can play around with. Bruce later meets up with Alfred to go over the plan, and tells Bruce that Malone sold out his partner in crime, a man by the silly name of “Cupcake.” Cupcake spent 10 years in prison and Alfred believed that he would be the best source to tell them where Malone was.

They head on over to Cupcake’s, meanwhile Lee comes to Jim with a serious concern. Hoping to get in contact with Ms. Kringle, she’d gone to GCPD’s Human Resources to get Kristen’s new address. However, all they handed her were Ms. Kringle’s final paychecks….paychecks she’d never picked up. Jim asks her if she’s asked Edward Nygma if he’s heard anything, and she replies with “I didn’t want to worry him.” LITTLE DO THEY KNOW. So Jim heads off to Nygma and asks him if he’d heard from Kringle. Of course, Ed says no and comes up with some lame lie about how she left him with nothing but a note.
Of course, Jim is suspicious, but gets a call that drags him away from the current investigation. Edward shows how increasingly paranoid he’s become by believing that Jim knows he killed Ms. Kringle and is trying to outwit him, a concept he finds entirely loathsome.

The call that Jim got is to alert him that Alfred is in the hospital, and that Alfred has monumentally screwed up. After going to visit their good friend Cupcake, Bruce gets a big head and thinks he can take the lead. He explains to Cupcake what’s happening and offers to pay him money for the information. Instead however, Cupcake challenges Alfred to a fist fight. The only way to win the fight is if your opponent taps out, passes out, or says “Uncle.” Alfred gets the absolute SHIZNIT beaten out of him, but ends up winning the fight after getting Cupcake into a chokehold. He passes out, and Bruce gets Alfred in a hospital bed and leaves him there to go handle Malone on his own.

Alfred had called Jim and Harvey to his hospital room, and explains to them what he and Bruce had been doing. Gordon tracks Bruce down to a club, where after an interesting talk with Jerry(Guest star, and star of my heart, Lori Petty), the contact Cupcake sent them to, Bruce went on his way to see Malone. Jerry distracts Jim by having the crowd drag him into a Mosh-pit style area and the Detective takes her in for questioning. She stalls him, attempts to get him angry (Successfully) and eventually tells Jim where Bruce was headed, knowing that Bruce was probably already there and that the deed had been done. Bruce locates Malone and tricks him into believing he wants to hire him for his services. Once they begin talking, (try not to cry as you remember this scene everyone.) Bruce admits that he’s there to avenge his parents, and wants to know who hired Matches.

Matches refuses to give up a name, and continually makes it sound as though he didn’t actually kill them but wants Bruce to believe it. He tells Bruce that he’s a monster and should die, and tries to coax the Wayne boy into pulling the trigger, however Bruce sets the gun down and tells him that he wishes Malone were a monster…but that he was just a man.

As he leaves the apartment, Jim arrives and they hear the gun go off. Malone had taken his own life. Later at the GCPD, they begin to speculate if this man really had killed the Waynes, and just who hired him. Nygma approaches Jim and inquires as to whether Jim had found anything on Ms. Kringle. Jim says no, that he’d been a tad pre-occupied and leaves Edward, who has convinced himself that Gordon is lying, and wants him to let his guard down.

Alfred, finally free of the confines of the hospital, comes home to find Bruce gone. Bruce had decided that it was best he learn his skills from the street and chosen a life with Selina, learning the ropes of his city. He begs Alfred not to look for him.

While all this drama is happening, Oswald Cobblepot is put to more “therapy sessions” and tests to determine his sanity. Hugo, having deemed him sane, releases him from Arkham Asylum and confides in Ms. Peabody that his plans for Oswald are still ongoing, and that he’d like to see how the new, kind, and ultimately brainwashed Penguin does when placed in society. I can’t lie….Penguin’s interactions with people are even more adorable than before.

This episode was emotional, funny, and while it was extremely serious, it actually lacked the intensity that many of the past episodes have had, which to me, is an incredibly good thing. You gotta have that occasional relief episode, y’know?

I look forward to seeing how Bruce does on the streets, how Cobblepot does on the streets, and how Nygma survives the “onslaught” of interrogatory questions coming from Jim.

I hope you see you guys during the next episode of Gotham! Don’t forget, I livetweet each episode! Tune in to twitter every Monday at 7pm CST!