After weeks of build up, everything comes to ahead in ‘Lose Yourself” and it was amazing!

At first the episode plays out like a carefree episode of Team Flash searching for a new meta that can access picket dimensions called The Folded Man. This leads Barry and co. finding out that the Folded Man is a completely off the grid hippy long before the dark matter affected him and leads the team hilariously to a new age gypsy encampment in the outskirts of Central City. During the build up to this, Barry and Ralph trade ideology between each other over what to do with DeVoe if it comes to the worse case scenario. Ralph believes that the only way that they can truly stop DeVoe is if they kill him, Barry on the other hand states that, “heroes are better then that” and they always find the alternative. This causes them to butt heads later on with Ralph wanting to use the Folded Man’s powers to enter DeVoe’s own special pocket dimension, causing Barry to knock out Ralph in the process.

Elsewhere, Joe gets more concerned over Harry’s dependency of using the Thinking Cap for nearly everything. Joe at one points takes the Thinking Cap without Harry knowing, causing Harry to snap like an addict on Cisco who he mistaken for taking the cap. Another minor side story is that Caitlin is finally accepting of her Killer Frost personality and found a way to bring Frost out without having to go into a fight or flight response thanks to a e-pen she developed.

The Flash — Lose Yourself

Photo Source: The CW

All these points then bring me into the second half, where the episode takes a far darker turn with the stakes raised even higher. Barry, Cisco and Killer Frost all travel to DeVoe’s pocket realm to use a tuning fork Harry developed that can stop DeVoe. However this was all foreseen by DeVoe and he invades Stars Labs to get all the last remaining metas while Barry and the others are trapped leaving Ralph, Harry, Joe and Iris to fend for themselves. Shockingly enough, not everyone makes it out of this in one piece or even survives.

This was the strongest episode since “Enter Flashtime” with how the stakes were all raised dramatically once DeVoe showed up. He hasn’t been this dangerous since he killed all the prison metas weeks ago; so now he finally feels like the big bad that he was supposed to be all season long. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Everyone stepped their game up in the acting department as well when it came to this, with the Folded Man’s lines being hilarious towards the rest of Team Flash. This could most likely be due to both a stronger script that ties everything together and also a director that’s use to directing superhero properties compared to Kevin Smith.

The ending of the episode actually leaves me itching for more, just like how the first two seasons of the show were like. Flash finally became must see again in just one episode.