The Lockup

In the previous episode of The Umbrella Academy “Oga for Oga,” we saw Vanya almost escape the farm with Sissy and Harlan until Carl called in a favor from his brother. It seems as if Carl thought ahead before he made his move, but he has no idea what he just started. I was disgusted by the way he tried to manipulate Sissy into believing that the love Vanya had for her wasn’t real. I was even more so disgusted by the way he carries himself as a father and a husband. Instead of devoting time to help raise his son, he uses Harlan as a pawn to make Sissy stay in their toxic marriage.

Vanya exposed her powers to the authorities turning her into a threat to the FBI. The interview was aggressive, which led the detective to tie her up in an electric chair. It didn’t help that Vanya couldn’t remember who she is outside of being the loving nanny/lover from a farm. My eyebrows rose when I heard Vanya reply to the FBI agent in fluent Russian. From that moment on I knew nothing good would come from it. I’m curious as to how she knows Russian when none of the other family members do. Hopefully, this will lead to a look inside of Vanya’s family history. Perhaps she was born of Russian descent from her biological parents.

The Paradox Psychosis

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After Allison and Vanya missed the meeting to go back to their time period, five was going to wash his hands with them. Five may not show his love for his family in an affectionate manner, but I know that he cares about them. He cares about his family so much that he decided to risk his existence to save the world. The plan to meet the older version of himself before the assassination of JFK caused the 7 stages of Paradox Psychosis. I consider number five one of the most self-aware members of the family, but this time he is off the wall.

It was interesting to see what time and age could do to five after seeing him in his kid body for so long. The symptoms showed up within both of them quickly upon meeting at an Irish pub. My favorite part of this scene was when elderly number five tried to convince Luther to ditch the plan and kill the younger version of him. It’s ironic that these two are the same, but they can’t trust each other.

Vanya Is Always The Bomb

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Lila’s plan to save Diego from her mother backfired quickly. In exchange for his life, the handler employed Diego to the Commission. The Handler made it clear that if Diego ruffles a feather, Lila would have to kill him. Diego didn’t think nothing of it because he snuck out of orientation to find doomsday information. Surprisingly the Commission had a small rebellion that Herb introduced Diego to. Diego has been obsessed with saving JFK since he was brought back to the 60’s. Although I didn’t agree with Diego’s conspiracy theory against his father, I’m curious as to what his plans are.

Grace found some of Sir.Hargreeves plans after she got a tip from Diego. I could tell by the way Sir.Hargreeves spoke to grace that he wasn’t responsible for JFK’s death. Because he refused to disclose his affairs, she left him. I’m speculating that even before the family made the time jump, Sir.Hargreeves did something to cause Grace to leave. This then lead him to create a robotic version of her. Diego finally put the pieces together and discovered that Vanya was the cause of the end of the world again. I can’t say that this is a shocking discovery, it’s was actually disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing another plot.

Rating: 4/5

I rated this episode a four out of five because of the reoccurring plot. The family managed to let Vanya get through the cracks again and she will cause a ruckus before they will get to clean it up. I love to see Vanya in a rage when she’s not attacking her family, but I was hoping to see Vanya use her powers for good this season. She was never taught how to control her powers as a superhero, she was always taught to hide them. I want Vanya to break out, but not as a monster. Vanya being emotionally damaged is always the match to her madness.

Even though I didn’t like this being the result again, I was intrigued by the family dinner in her head. Sir.Hargreeves served brains for dinner so that Vanya could remember who she is. Towards the end of the episode the deadly glow in Vanya’s eyes sync with Harlan’s. I wonder what her powers did to Harlan. I’m also excited to see what the last Swedish assassin has in mind for the handler after he discovered the role she has played in his brothers death. She is comfy on her throne and I can’t wait for her empire to come crashing down.


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