Judith here couldn’t believe her eyes while watching this weeks The Walking Dead. Along with not wanting to hear Tara babble on anymore. What was everyone shocked to see? Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC


This absolute travesty, this CGI is bad. I thought the episode at the dump was bad, but this was abysmal. Want comparison look at season 2 with Shane, Rick, Carl and a deer. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Let’s talk about what really happened this week. We focused mainly on Rick and Michonne which is always a great combination. Rick and Michonne, which has been and will be a repeated story line, go out scouting for supplies. Be it guns, food, ammunition, general supplies. Right now it is for guns so they can get some assistance in war. They come across two, well idiots who are really loud hitting golf balls and being loud. We see that they have some supplies and in the next scene we see Rick and Michonne carrying on their adventure with some new supplies. While on a stop, Michonne sees a deer, and with the chance for fresh meat Michonne follows the deer which leads them to a school.

Michonne and Rick make noise on the the side of the fence to get attention for any potential walkers, the first one that arrives looks like a soldier who has a gun. Going further they get on the roof of a wet building and come to a type of carnival. It has a lot of civilians and soldiers. Who all are still wearing guns…why this doesn’t strike them as odd I don’t know. Michonne, who if you remember was a horrible shot, was practicing on the carnival gun game and hitting the targets, wasting bullets.

Rick and Michonne fall through the roof but luckily fall onto some mattresses, inside they find 3 pallets of food. Rick and Michonne have a very nice dinner date before they decide to go out and start killing the walkers to gather up the guns. When they get out they notice that a fence is down and they need to block the hole in the fence to contain all the walkers, the decision is made to use the abandoned car, Rick has to take out 1 walker while Michonne is in charge of 8. After some struggles by Rick, because a walker is through the windshield, Michonne helps him push the car. It just so happens that the car has no breaks, to make matters worse another soldier with an automatic weapon, (WHY DO THEY HAVE THEM?) gets stuck on some spikes and it causes the gun to go off in Michonnes direction. Michonne has to jump in the trunk and they over shoot the hole in the fence.

We come back to Rick and Michonne making the move to get out of the car by the roof and they plan to break apart to different areas in the carnival. Rick sees the deer and stupidly decides to try to get a shot on the deer instead of killing the walkers as he was supposed to. He ends up falling and getting swarmed by walkers. From a distance it looks like he is going to be eaten by the walkers. Michonne sees this and freaks out and comes over, she sees the walkers chowing down and drops the sword in shock. It looks like it is over for her too, when Rick comes out of his hiding spot, grabs the sword, bashes a walker and throws it to Michonne and they kill all the walkers.

During this stretch another thing happened which has me really thinking about the setup. We have seen a carnival, and a bunch of civilians, and for some reason soldiers with weapons still on them, we also see walkers that have their hands tied together. I am wondering was this all some sicko’s private playground? It almost seems like a big intended scene. You can see some of those walkers below.


Look to the left. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

After gathering up the guns they head back, Rick admits that he has trouble sleeping thinking about what was lost, how Glenn saved him at the start and he couldn’t save Glenn. They talk about the greater good, and they will lose people, they could lose each other but have to keep going on. If Rick dies, Michonne has to lead, because he knows she can. Rick takes the guns to the trash people group, they had 63 guns, the leader says they need more, but Rick takes 20 to help find more guns.

The other stories was Rosita going nuts trying to find a gun, only finding a toy gun and coming back and blaming Gabriel. Tara confesses to Judith about Oceanside and than later decides she needs to talk to Rick, which I believe is about Oceanside. Sasha left her guard shift and ended up going to meet Sasha at The Hilltop. Rosita says she needs her help, they talk about what will happen if they go do what they are talking about doing. How they can’t be caught alive, Rosita had a sniper rifle from the gun loot and gives it to Sasha so she can take her shot. Those two are going on a suicide mission that will start a war.