Jon— is still dead.  This week, friends and family continue to wrestle with why Jon killed himself while also living out their daily lives.  It’s been nine days since their lives were turned upside down. One by one all of the friends, including Ashley the secretary, make their way over to Delilah’s house in the morning to support her and the kids.

Danny- Jon’s Son


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Gary makes small talk with Danny while breakfast is being prepared.  Danny confesses that he has a new crush on a new student whose name is Ella.  Gary has a hunch and later tells Danny that if his crush is a boy, that it is OK and that he will support Danny either way.  Danny denies it and says that Ella is a girl, then quickly exits to his room.

Later that day, Gary heads back to the house to pick up Danny for his sister’s recital, and Danny is obviously sad so Gary pushes to find out what’s wrong.  Danny wonders if his dad killed himself because he is different.  If Gary could tell that he was attracted to boys, then maybe his dad knew and was disappointed.  Gary reassures him that this is not the reason why Jon killed himself and if he did know then he would have just as much pride in him as Gary feels.

Sophie- Jon’s Daughter

Today is the day of the Father/Daughter recital.  Sophie is obviously upset because her recently deceased father won’t be able to make it to the recital.  They had been practicing their dance for weeks.  Delilah tells her daughter that it’s OK if she doesn’t go through with the recital due to the circumstances, but Sophie quotes her father by saying, “A Dixon never quits.”

Sophhie 2

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This powerful saying came from a time when she was pitching at a softball game.  She walked a runner and got upset with herself.  Her dad the coach, came out to the mound and told her that he didn’t care if they won the game, but what mattered to him was that she didn’t quit in the middle of the game since “Dixon’s never quit.”

Sophie’s first struggle is who will take her to the dance.  The three friends get together and say that they have to pick up and share the responsibility for the family.  Rome says that he is the natural pick since he is the one with the dancing skills, but when Sophie comes downstairs, she picks Eddie to be her dancing partner.  The two begin rehearsing the dance right away so that they are prepared.

Sophie’s second struggle is that she feels left out and that her dad didn’t make plans for her.  Not only did he not make plans for the dance, but he quit when he preached to her that “Dixon’s don’t quit.”

While getting ready to go out onto the dance floor, Eddie realizes that he can’t go out and dance.  He tells the other two guys and Rome reveals that he knows every move since he had been practicing with Jon in preparation for the dance.  Once Sophie hears of the switch she is relieved because her dad did have a plan for her, Rome was supposed to be the one to dance with her.

Delilah- Jon’s Wife

Jon’s last deal was the restaurant for Gina, Romes wife.  Ashley brought out the lease papers for Gina to sign but revealed that Delilah had to sign the papers as well.  Delilah was curious as to why she was signing, and Ashley told her that Jon wanted her to give her an opportunity to get out and start working again.  Jon made plans to take care of his wife.


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Delilah’s story continues to get more complicated.  We learned in week one that she had been cheating on Jon with one of his good friends Eddie.  Eddie lost his necklace and while Delilah found the necklace in Jon’s drawer.  She tells Eddie that Jon knew about the two of them but Eddie says that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Then, Sophie comes out and says that she wants Eddie to dance with her at the Father/Daughter Recital.  Delilah tells Eddie that he can’t do it, but he protests and says what is he to do in that situation, so he goes through with it, well almost goes through with it.

While waiting backstage he realizes he can’t go through with it, so Rome steps in.  Eddie goes out and tells Delilah that he couldn’t go through with it because he loves everyone else but himself.

Throughout the episode, Eddie continues to look at his phone at the unplayed voicemail from Jon.  Finally, at the end of the episode, he plays the message that Jon left.  He tells Eddie to do him one favor, “love each other.”  Jon knew about the affair.