Ghost hunting shows are something I hold near and dear to my heart. Honestly, just about any documentary style show about the paranormal is in my good graces, no matter how terrible it is. So, when the plot of “Queen Scary” ended up revolving around a ghost hunting show, I was thrilled. And I wasn’t disappointed.


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The team embarked on an adventure to the Queen Mary in Long Beach after being asked to prove (or disprove) the existence of ghosts aboard the ship. Walter was incredibly selfish in this episode—seriously, even for him. I was taken aback when he stayed behind because he didn’t feel that he could maintain his reputation as a genius if he went off to prove the existence of ghosts. But he was still able to help the team, at least.

The ghost hunt itself was a well done and much needed break from the action-packed drama of the previous episodes. Toby had fun with jokes, as usual, but the best thing was seeing the entire group get spooked during their first “ghost sighting”. Of course, Walter quickly debunked the activity, but seeing everyone freak out was priceless. One of my favorite moments of the episode was when Sly was told to move toward the source of then activity. He wasn’t happy, but he kept going anyway. It was yet another moment of confidence for Sly, and my heart kind of skipped a beat.

The good news was that Walter was right, and there were no ghosts. The bad news was that the source of the paranormal activity was an antenna that had been installed upon the ship a few days earlier and was now interfering with electronics on other ships. After a little bit of digging, the team discovered that a natural gas tanker had fallen victim to the electromagnetic frequencies and was headed to collide with the Malibu shores. An innocent ghost hunt quickly escalated into a matter of life and death.

Thankfully, the team was able to get the tanker redirected fairly quickly. But a power surge from the antenna blew their connection with the gas tanker before Walter was able to guide it into port. A couple botched ideas later, he ended up on the tanker and was able to stop it from colliding with an oil refinery because Paige blasted Halloween music from her phone through the Queen Mary’ emergency speakers.

It was also intricately ridiculous. But it worked.

Here’s the top 3 moments from the episode overall:

Sly Being Forced To Move Forward

This boy is making progress. His confidence in his abilities as a leader is becoming more apparent in each episode. This time he moved forward when his instinct told him to stop, but he also continued to function after having what appeared to be blood drip directly onto his shirt. The Sly we once knew would have had a fit. That moment was significant.

Throughout the previous episodes of this season I noticed a trend of seeing other team members going out of their way to cheer Sly up in the end. But this time it was Sly who was cheering up the ghost hunter whose dreams the team had swiftly debunked and dismissed. Sly taking a moment of his time to just say “your grandfather would be proud” was heartwarming and was a fantastic reminder that he is developing into the leader he was born to be.

Waige Development

The episode started out rough when Walter was caught listening to a lecture on his phone during a musical performance Paige’s friend had invited them to. And his selfishness continued to spiral until Toby finally alerted Walter that Paige was unhappy. I think we’re all pretty thankful that Toby was there to help that situation along. Eventually, Paige says something that seems to hit home with Walter: “That’s what people in relationships do. They try to take an interest in each other’s hobbies, even if it takes a little bit of effort.”

And that’s exactly what Walter does. I can’t wait to see what stupid thing he does with that new guitar he ordered.

Cabe’s Obsession With Ferret Bueller

Happy’s ferret is ADORABLE. But no one will ever love it the way that Cabe does apparently. Until this episode he couldn’t have cared less about the critter, but when he laid eyes on Ferret Bueller in this episode Cabe immediately started planning out a new habitat to make him feel happier and less confined. Even in the middle of a crisis that could result in thousands of deaths, he was still concerned about the well-being of the ferret. Happy was, understandably, weirded out by this and had her wonderful behaviorist husband address the situation directly.

I didn’t expect Cabe to open up to Toby. Not yet, anyway. I figured it would take a couple episodes for him to cave, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Cabe follow Toby into his “office” for a five-minute vent session about how he’s feeling about the criminal charges against him. But my heart sank when I heard how he began the conversation: “Doc, I’m worried.”

I have never been more worried about anything on this show than I am about Cabe Gallow right now.

And, as a bonus, I give you my favorite Toby joke to date. The straight face is what really sells this elegant “ceiling fan” Halloween costume.


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What were your favorite moments this episode? Leave a comment below and be sure to check back after this week’s Scorpion episode!