So for starters this happened while we were away:

Kind of a bummer put we all knew the show wouldn’t last forever.  And moving on.


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Episode Synopsis:

DIGGLE AND LYLA DEPLOY THE GHOST INITIATIVE — After months of covertly pursuing Dante, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) finally have a solid lead on the elusive terrorist, so they deploy the ARGUS Ghost Initiative to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) tries to bond with Emiko (Sea Shimooka).

The episode opens with Felicity running through the woods and meeting Diaz with a gun, obviously it was a nightmare. Next up Ollie’s at work leaving William another voicemail because he keeps ghosting him. Dinah is still in the hospital but she’ll be back in no time.

Rene is working both at the police station and vigilanting with Emiko. Oliver reminds him that he and Emiko really shouldn’t be doing that. Rene fills Ollie in on the 411 about Emiko’s mom. He is a bit more understanding.

The Suicide Squad trains at ARGUS, naturally they just try to kill each other. ARGUS has lost Dante once again, sounds like they need to get the Suicide Squad out there but first Team Arrow needs to know.

In the future William gets acquainted with his half-sister. Looks like they are all teaming up to find Felicity.

In the present Dig tells Ollie and Felicity about the Ghost Initiative and Diaz’s involvement in it. Felicity is not about it at all but Ollie thinks if John thinks it’s right its the right move. Felicity storms out and texts Laurel saying it is time to finish what they started. Guess Felicity is gonna try and kill him again.

Dig and Lyla brief the squad while Felicity briefs Laurel. Felicity hacked ARGUS and plans to blow Diaz’s bomb once the mission is over. She just needs Laurel to get within 100 feet of him and hit the button. Laurel is apprehensive as that may incriminate herself and she kinda likes being the DA now. Laurel is a real detective and deduces that Felicity is pregnant—she is put she hasn’t told anyone yet.

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Oliver pays a visit to Emiko with a little help. He ran the bullet Rene had for her. He got tons of data and stuff from it. Ollie wants to her help but she claims it is her mission. Ollie wants to help because he is authorized to get justice she isn’t. They’re are family, if someone hurt her that means they hurt him.

In the future they boot up the Arrow Cave computers. Everyone involved with Felicity’s “death” has commited suicide. Someone is tying up loose ends. Mia storms off wanting to stop wasting time.

The Suicide Squad is in the field meeting with Virgil. The deal goes south and the Squad needs to fight their way out. The Squad has no trouble fighting their way through everyone but Virgil does escape meeting.

Back at ARGUS, tensions are high as Diggle and the team member thinks someone tipped off Virgil. Most fingers point at Diaz. It wasn’t Diaz but he is afraid, very afraid of Dante. If it isn’t Diaz that tipped of Virgil someone in ARGUS is a mole.

Instead of helping Felicity kill Diaz she buys and brings her tons of healthy pregnant food. Man, Laurel has really tamed down since coming to Earth-1. Through compliments Laurel talks Felicity down from doing something she’d regret.

Rene, Oliver and Emiko have found the guy. Ollie wants Emiko to stand down and let him and Rene handle it as she doesn’t have a badge. Emiko is angry and storms off.

At SCPD, Oliver is brooding. He is upset that he upset Emiko. Rene tells him that Oliver was the same way and would react the same way. He just has to be her brother.

Back in the future,  William catches up with Mia and talks about their parents. They  bond over it. He effectively talks her into teaming up.

At ARGUS, Lyla is im some hot water with the Pentagon—they are going to ask her to step down. So this last mission needs to be a success. Therefore they ask Ollie to team up with them and Diaz.

Oliver tells Felicity with apprehension up the mission. After some surprisingly kind words about him knowing she was planning on killing Diaz, she’s okay with the mission. But she is coming too.

The mission is while under its way. Dante has yet to make an appearance but Director Bell has—he is the mole. Dante finally makes an appearance right before Diaz short circuits his bomb and makes an attempt to warn Dante. Everything goes to hell. Oliver is stuck fighting Dante while Diaz makes his escape. Felicity is there to stop him, again holding him at gunpoint but this time she is stronger and doesn’t try to kill him, Diggle knocks him out from behind. Diaz was nabbed but Dante make a sick escape.

Back at ARGUS, the mission was mostly a failure. The ghost initiative is being suspended. Dante is in the wind and Diaz is going back to Slabside. Dig is going to take the blame and keep Lyla in position, they can’t trust anyone.

Emiko reconciles with Oliver. He hooks her up with the interrogation files and everything is hunky dory.

In the future Mia solves the Rubik’s cube William found at the beginning of the season and there’s a mini cassette hidden in it.

Felicity tells Oliver she’s pregnant.

Holy crap, Emiko is training at her place and Dante’s shows up and tells her its good Oliver trusts her and it’s time to come home.

Meanwhile in prison someone lights Diaz and his cell on fire. I guess the dragon isn’t fireproof.

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