We open to The start of a “fancy cocktail party” put on by Lois and Peter. Peter however managed to clear a house fast because he has never read a book. Lois tells him he is going to read a book.

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The next day (I am assuming) Peter heads to the library to check out the book Lois chose for him, 1984. Peter gets Van Halen’s album 1984 and is too dumb to know that is a music CD rather than a book on CD. Instead of reading a book, Peter is now going through a Van Halen phase and keeps driving the family station wagon into the house. I don’t mean bumping into it. I mean going through the walls. He even gets in a high speed chase.

On his way to take back the Van Halen CD Peter gets in a race with the chicken he fight periodically. He ends up going head to head with a tree and loses. He is in a coma and having a weird dream. While the doctor tells Lois Peter is in a coma with the kids present, he still has an EDM DJ tell Chris and Meg about their dad.

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Lois and the rest of the family as well as Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire. Bonnie even shows up. Joe and Bonnie ask about their rakes. The doctor tells Lois that Peter is brain dead and that she should pull the plug. So she does and Peter wakes up instead of dies. Peter says he will never forgive her and the kids.

Does Peter end up forgiving her or was this all a dream? Did you watch the episode? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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