Source: Netflix // Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I love the guest stars on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Last week we had Tina Fey as Andrea, Kimmy’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde therapist,  and this week we have the amazing Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Dave, tv therapist extraordinaire who is helping (or manipulating?) Cyndee in her post-bunker recovery.

Yes, that’s right, Kimmy’s bunker-mate Cyndee is back, and Kimmy is thrilled that her friend is getting help, at least until she finds out that the “help” is from a talk-show host. It seems that Cyndee is appearing on the show “Superstars of Tragedy” alongside a pair of conjoined twins, a woman who was trapped in a well and a woman who was swallowed by an Orca. Kimmy is mortified that Dr. Dave is taking advantage of Cyndee, and she is even more angry when Dr. Dave proposes that Cyndee marry her (gay) boyfriend Brandon on the show.

Something new that we learn about Kimmy in this episode is that she hasn’t cried in years. She didn’t cry the entire time she was in the bunker, and she hasn’t cried since. Whereas last episode she dealt with her inability to get angry, this week, she deals with her inability to get in touch with her emotions. When she is faced with watching Cyndee get married or intervening but stopping Cyndee, she finally breaks down. Seeing Kimmy cry touches Cyndee and she calls off the wedding. It seems that Dr. Dave is able to help Cyndee and Kimmy after all.

Elsewhere, Titus volunteers for a drug study which briefly turning him into a middle-aged dad type. On the street, a teen, mistaking him for an older gentleman, calls him “Sir” and their interaction makes Titus yearn to be a dad. He ends up stepping into a surrogate dad position helping the boy interact with his crush at the movies.


We have just two episodes left in our Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt re-cap. Stick with TGON as we cover all of your favorite Kimmy moments!