This episode belongs to Stone.

Upon arriving at a controversial oil-rigging site, we are introduced to Jake’s father, Isaac. Jeff Fahey (Isaac) and Christian Kane (Jake) establish straight away the cool relationship between their characters; the father and son who never got along. It’s easy to believe that this coldness between them is nothing new, I’d even go so far as say that it’s taken an extreme toll on Jake’s self-esteem, resulting in his choice to work under pseudonyms. Both actors did a great job in creating and maintaining this icy, yet totally feasible father-son dynamic.



Later, we find that the rigging site has disturbed the prison of a Face-Dancer; a legendary shape-shifting trickster entity that feeds on lies and is crippled by truths. The Face-Dancer sees Jake’s situation as a 7-course meal. It’s almost difficult for the audience to see Stone for the liar that he is, because we understand why he’s lived that way. Stone has had to conceal his genius from an environment that couldn’t appreciate it, and because he lacked the confidence to publish under his own name, etc. And this is what makes Stone such a well-developed character, he’s so wonderfully flawed, but the audience accepts him because we understand his motives. I can only hope we begin to see more hardcore character development like this in the other librarians (especially Jones, I hate to say it, but John Kim performance has gone downhill from last season, the sarcastic rogue-bit seems forced).

This episode ends with Jake finally resolving his Daddy-Issues and a shocking truth about Cassandra’s death-day revealed. Meanwhile, back at the library, Jenkins is still trying to deal with malfunctioning rooms, and one in specific which is locked. This sub-plot has been developing for a while now, since the defeat of the Serpent Brotherhood. Could the writers be looking to bring the group back for an explosive mid-season finale?

‘Cause that would rock.