Hello, and welcome back to The Good Doctor! Season 2 is slowly drawing to an end. It has been a rollercoaster of a season. Let us go ahead and dive right in!

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor

Lea makes Shaun pancakes to celebrate the beginning of a new start. Shaun doesn’t want to switch, he wants to be a surgeon. Dr. Carly Lever greets Shaun at Pathology, to show him around. Carly is really excited about her job. Shaun seems reluctant at first, but sees a new machine he read about, and wants to mess with it. Dr. Park comes down to visit Shaun, to see how he is doing. He points out if he is happy, good, but if he wants to come back to Surgery, tell Han. Prove his love for Surgery. Shaun decides to take a walk. Dr. Lim is also talking with Han, trying to get Shaun back as a surgical resident. Claire steps up next with a list of cases Shaun helped with using his own talents.

Clarence the Pastor is Melendez, Claire and Morgan’s patient. He has a cancerous tumor pushing on his spine, but after removal and surgery, as well as a spinal fusion, it would ease pressure on his nerves and relieve pain. Clarence is against the spinal fusion, and views the pain as a punishment for killing someone, and just wants the tumor removed. Claire researches it and realizes he was taking with someone who committed suicide. Death, yes, but not murder. She wants to get him to understand how dangerous the surgery is, maybe claim he is insane. Morgan, who turns out to be religious, points out believing in God is not crazy. Melendez finds middle ground, pointing out the surgery without fusion has a chance of killing Clarence before he made peace with the death. He tells Claire he missed the guy’s call because he wanted to drink. 

While in surgery, the tumor is pushing the spinal cord into Melendez’s view, making removal near impossible. Before they can attempt to remove the tumor, his vitals began to drop and they aborted the surgery. Claire explains to him without the fusion, they cannot remove the tumor. Clarence begs for her to try again. While attempting again, Morgan asks Claire why no God. As they pull out the tumor, Melendez realizes the tumor went from 8 cm to 4.5 in 2 weeks without any radiation. All of his scans shows reduction overall. Melendez begins the search to figure out how Clarence could reduce without Chemo. Morgan and Claire begin tests, but Morgan admits he is recovering. Like a miracle. The more tests that come back normal, the more it seems. Clarence is actually upset, demanding more tests, before Claire quotes the bible, and states she doesn’t think he is a believer anymore. He has to forgive himself. She lost faith, but she refuses to let another person suffer without seeking forgiveness. 

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor

Dr. Lim and Dr. Park have a patient named Sadie Barnes who wanted to climb 50 mountains in 50 states, but noticed numbness in her hands and feet, and a head ache. They think it is just high altitudes but then the patient’s sister, Jess, prompts her to talk more. She mentions before the trip she had a sense of dread. Dr. Park isn’t concerned, but Dr. Lim states they will do a brain scan and blood work. Park questions Lim, who in turn tells the story of when she was a Resident, a patient came in claiming she was going to die. Sent her home. Park asked if she died, and Audrey clarified no, the patient just kept coming back. By running the tests, they can relieve her fears. Sadly, something did pop up on the MRI. They find out Sadie has a high grade meningioma, it looks malignant and they tend to be aggressive and almost impossible to completely remove.

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor

Shaun comes in from pathology after noting abnormalities in the patient’s test. He goes to Dr. Lim and mentions the patient should have a biopsy. Shaun wants to speak with the patient, and Lim tries to shut him down. Shaun asks if Claire had wanted to talk to the patient, would she allow it? Lim answered yes. Shaun goes on to ask if she thinks Han made the right decision, and she says no. Shaun goes against orders and enters Sadie’s room, only to get caught by Han. He rips into him, but then Shaun does what he does, and explains what he saw, and how he thinks the patient may actually have a worm in her brain, not a tumor. Han actually pauses, then states it is a good idea. They do the biopsy, and find out it is indeed a worm. Shaun speaks truthfully, wanting to be a resident in the surgical department again. Still, Han is not swayed.  (Guy in hat, align left) Aaron Glassman rings a bell at the cancer treatment center, and everyone clapped. He goes and finds Robin. He is done with Chemo. Sadly, Robin is already seeing someone else. He is glad to see her, though. Still, Shaun is unhappy, and distracts Aaron who give an amazing speech about if he wants something, go and prove it. Stand up for himself. Robin comes over and explains she actually doesn’t think they are a good match. Aaron calls her out, stating they are good and like each other. She admits when he was down, he pushed her away. He wants fun, but she wants serious. She then walks away.

Oh the story keeps getting better and better. I cannot wait to see what happens next week! Until then, Stay Shiny!