Following the removal of his gem, Steven’s human form is dying.

White Diamond is furious that Pink Diamond’s true form has become Steven’s body.

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Steven’s pink form is able to summon a diamond-shaped shield, protecting himself from blasts sent from White Diamond, and even from all the Crystal Gems and White Diamond firing blasts together. It seems Pink Diamond and Steven together are more powerful even than White Diamond herself.

The blasts are deflected, causing all but Steven and Connie to crash to the floor. Connie carries Steven’s deteriorating body towards Pink Steven, where the two eventually hug it out and reform as one.

White Diamond continues to be shocked, infuriated that Steven remains in his form and not as Pink Diamond once way. She claims he can’t act like a child. Steven’s retort is perfect.

“I am a child. What’s your excuse?”


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When Steven comes to, his powers allow the Diamonds, the Crystal Gems, and even White Pearl to come back to themselves, first colored pink, and then back to their original coloring. Pink Pearl is back, full of amnesia. Steven welcomes her back and gives her a hug.

White Diamond is having an existential crisis when her face turns pink. She detests being off-color.

Bismuth, Lapis and Peridot enter through White’s head, determined for battle, but all is well, the battle is over. They look relieved, and everyone is happy. Steve reminds White Diamond that she can still be perfect and make a difference.

Sadie Killer and the Suspects perform a remix of “Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart” on the beach for all of Beach City. The number is ended with a crashing boom as the Diamond ship lands in front of the stage. A mic drop happens and Steven gets out with his friends, old and new.

The Off Colors and Captain Lars also land their ship nearby, as Padparascha announces their journey through space is almost concluded.

I laughed so hard when Fluorite excitedly says they no longer have to run or hide…with no more Diamond Authority to deal with, saying “Well, we’re cracked.”

Steven reminds them that they’re safe, and Lars meets Lion in person for the first time.

Sadie and Lars reacquaint themselves, as Sadie the rockstar with the green hair, and Lars the space captain. Sadie has to go back on stage, and Steven makes up for crashing her concert by singing a new version of “Steven and the Crystal Gems”.

This song carries over as we see the Diamonds help heal corruption about the land. Pearl and Amethyst carried out each bubble gem, tossing them into the healing water helped by the diamonds. This is likely by Rose’s fountain.


gif source: giffing-su – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Corruption has ended. And Jasper’s back.


gif source: giffing-su – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

We witness Steven and the Crystal Gems hanging on the shoreline likened to the show’s intro. Steven sings “Change Your Mind” with the ukelele as Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst sit beside him with their awesome new looks.

A preview and reminder of the upcoming Steven Universe movie concludes the epic finale episode. This release is promised in the Fall of 2019. I’m so excited for it.

I hope viewers enjoyed the Change Your Mind episode as much as I did.

If anyone wants to return to old episodes of Steven Universe for nostalgic reasons, you can watch all the episodes on the Cartoon Network app and on Hulu. Until then, “if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs.”