So, who exactly is a gambler? There are many ways to define this occupation. Some would argue that those making a living from the game itself are the only ones to be considered gamblers while occasional bystanders to casino who enjoy spinning the reels once in a blue moon have nothing to do with gambling. Some would totally disagree because the rule of thumb tells us that ‘if you play, it does not matter how often and well, you are a player’. However, for most of us a distinct picture conjures up whenever talking about gamblers: here’s quite a successful individual, making a multiple-figure salary a day, traveling all around the world, dressing like a real dandy and feasting on exclusive promotions casinos are happy to provide. Is there any grip on reality in this corporate portrait?

In fact, a little gambler lives in each one of us. And as long as misconceptions thrive in the casino gaming world, we certainly need to borrow a clear vision in order to give coherent definitions. Let’s cast aside that gambler portrayed by Hollywood or commercials and rather focus on everyday reality without glamorous glitter flying around. A real gambler is not someone whose paychecks reach the skies, but a person with an extraordinary sense of things who knows for sure a bunch of top gambling sites and when to quit. They do not follow any fabulous lifestyle: on the contrary, you can see them next to you in a local grocery store mulling over what milk to choose.

Three Indispensable Traits

You might be looking for answers to what really makes a gambler successful at what they do. And to begin, one has to distinguish between regular gaming and level-headed betting. Gambling starts with a few character traits which must contribute a major part of intelligence to your casino going. Are you desperate to find out whether you have what it takes? Go through the following checklist of three personality features to dot the I’s.

Honesty With Yourself

A bit of honesty will always be a virtue for anyone, but a good gambler has to live in accordance with themselves even more than others. Can you look inside your ‘soul’ to truly understand your drives, desires, the nature of urges? If not, then the first step to take is to stop kidding yourself.

Whenever you bet, regardless of the probable outcome, you need to know that you make wise decisions. You feel when the game devours your rationality and betting turns into a waste of money. You wouldn’t double-cross your own self that ‘winning is coming’ buying into human emotions.

Patience To Withstand Hardship

Even if some of your strategies hasn’t gone to plan, you should never abandon discipline. Gaming volatility always ensures that players will not be winning all the time, and no matter how brilliant your betting method is, that’s life – we win, we lose.

Patience indeed separates recreational enthusiasts from true professionals as the latter are capable of keeping faith in what they do. But it does not mean you need to naively bet with reckless abandon. Adjust and endure. Train your cognitive stamina in everyday life by practicing a little bit of austerity.

Great Courage

Sometimes you will be exposed to incredibly difficult decisions as to go all in or remove yourself from the game. If, after considering advantages, something tells you that it’s going to be your round, do not falter. Hesitating and wavering may be your greatest enemies.

However, have the courage to face the truth, too: in case odds seem to turn against you, sincerely admit that today you are a bit of loser. And this can be a way harder than simply taking a big risk. If you bet beyond your courage, gambling career will be quite short lived.

Professionals and Games: What Gives Long-Term Profit

Slot machines are extremely enjoyable as well as mindless scratch-card games where everyone can relax and give into gambling. But do slots and similar games really offer you money making opportunities? That’s highly doubtful because strategic thinking could not possible work here due to the unstable nature of slot machines. Despite their being pleasant beauties to break free, the best of your tactics and strategies appears useless. Remember: full-time professionals stay miles away from online slot machine.

Embrace New Fields

In order to step into the woods of more or less stable income, you have to refine your gaming plan and include there a list of options that can provide long-term profits. These are:

  • Sports betting. No matter what you think of sportsbook, there’s the truth: sports betting is the only gambling activity with the highest odds. So consider taking advantage of sports events because it can make a good living, especially when some profound knowledge gets applied.
  • Blackjack. Even though online casinos are not designed to count cards, online Blackjack is still a sort of game where odds stay in the favor of player most of the time.
  • Poker and Video Poker. Finally, fancy graphics. Land-based poker players may make fun of the virtual alternative, but you should not pass by some nice online poker as this is another profitable activity in terms of odds.

Slotters could totally freak out at this list because each one of these games requires attaining a completely new set of skills and knowledge. Take it slowly: read a couple of books, mingle around fun modes, find your style and only then continue transforming into a professional.

Can I Become A Pro?

You can do everything you want, and becoming a pro is not some wild dream that asks for years of practice. Start today, but be aware of risks. Stay in lane and drift like a tiny boat in the enormous ocean until you reach the destination. But do not ever bet like there’s no tomorrow.