Alright Teen Wolf fans, we are quickly approaching THE END. This past weekend gave us two more episodes, “Genotype” and “Broken Glass,” but we only have one more episode left and then it’s all over…better stay tuned in so you don’t miss all of the excitement!

Let’s start with “Genotype.” We’ve got Scott and Liam listening to a voicemail left by a concerned mother – also possibly a werewolf and the second face of the Anuk-Ite. Theo suggests finding Aaron, the face they know, and Mason (who was “not agreeing with Theo”….) agreed. So while Scott and Liam go in search of the mystery phone woman, Theo and Mason head back into the tunnels to find Aaron. “Find the Anuk-Ite, stop the war,” – mission accepted!

So down into the tunnels Mason and Theo go, as this is the last location where the Anuk-Ite was seen. There’s some obvious tension here. Theo questions their decision to go into the tunnels, Mason essentially says Theo is too dumb to find Aaron alone, and Theo points out that Mason would be useless against the Anuk-Ite anyway (despite his baseball bat). Basically, they need each other but hate it. They’re also afraid, which they agree means they’re heading in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Liam figures out that the voice on the phone belongs to his biology teacher, Ms. Finch. Despite the danger, he and Scott head back to Beacon Hills High School. Liam goes to class like nothing is out of the ordinary while Scott keeps lookout in the hallway. Their goal? Cause Ms. Finch to expose herself as a supernatural being.

He starts by setting off one of the Argent’s high-pitched herding tools, then puts wolfsbane on the chalkboard eraser…to no avail. The presence of the wolfsbane does, however, alert her to the fact that something is up and she dismisses everyone from class – except Liam.

Scott joins the party, playing the voicemail as he enters. Ms. Finch is startled and shares that it was intended for her daughter. It quickly becomes clear she has no idea the pack has been slaughtered. Scott shares the bad news and tries to explain about her daughter / the Anuk-Ite but Ms. Finch has difficulty accepting his explanation. In the process, we discover is daughter is actually Quinn and together they devise a plan to bring her to the school. Everything seems to be going as planned, until Ms. Finch uses the wolfbane on Scott and Liam and runs to meet Quinn / the Anuk-Ite by herself.

Unfortunately for her, this turns out to be a bad idea. Quinn is indeed the other half of the Anuk-Ite and attacks Ms. Finch without hesitation.

Around this time, Aaron also attacks Theo and Mason in the tunnels. Theo gets a hit in which actually injures both Aaron and Quinn. There’s an obvious connection there and they both feel it. Aaron continues his assault on Theo, taking another blow, uses it to locate Quinn, and then dashes off to find her.

Back at the school, Quinn runs off too, leaving a severely injured Ms. Finch in the arms of Scott. Now, not to bash Scott’s leadership skills or knack for strategy here…but I literally balked when he told Liam to go after Quinn – alone! Even his advice had me rolling my eyes – “It’s okay to be afraid. Just don’t let it stop you.” Really? What a bad idea.

Of course, Liam arrives too late. Quinn is in the library and Aaron is there too. One punch in the gut from Quinn and he’s down for the count…or, well, the merge. Aaron and Quinn exchange a quick (and creepy) kiss before proceeding to fight one another. Aaron eventually snaps Quinn’s neck and claims his victory prize – scary ass spiders that change his appearance and give him glowing purple eyes.

As an aside, does anyone else think the Anuk-Ite’s final form looks a whole lot like a titan from Attack on Titan?!

Those glowing purple eyes are deadly, by the way. While Scott, Liam, Theo, and Mason have been busy NOT keeping the two faces of the Anuk-Ite from merging, Lydia and Malia have been looking for answers with the dead hellhound, Halwyn.

After some banshee mojo, they realize that he isn’t actually dead…only then to also realize the only way to speak with him is to doom him to his death. Their plan was to remove the bullet from his head using an MRI machine, but Lydia discovers that there are silver fragments in his skull as well. If they remove the bullet, his body will heat the silver when he regenerates and he’ll ultimately die all over again from silver poisoning.

So what do they do? They go for it. He’s up and about for all of five seconds before he’s back down on the ground dying. He is, however, able to lay some knowledge on them about the Anuk-Ite before he goes.

His first piece of advice? Don’t let the two halves merge. Oops!

His second warning? If it does merge, don’t look it in the eyes because “it will kill you with a look.”

And we see that he’s not kidding when the Anuk-Ite goes full-on Medusa on two hunters and turns them to stone. It heads to the hospital, where one of our favorite villains is waiting – Gerard – and apparently he knows a great deal more than he’s been letting on. He’s obviously shaken, but still manages to offer the Anuk-Ite a proposal. He offers to get rid of Scott so that it has free rein to do as it pleases. He also lays some wisdom on us – “Every legend has a little truth to it. Legend is you need silver to kill a werewolf. The truth? You need an Argent.”

In other news! We get a smokin’ hot shower scene with Malia and Scott. Who said nothing good ever happens?

Personally, I’m much more impressed with this episode than I am with the next. While “Broken Glass” is good, it didn’t give me the boost I wanted going into the final episode. Let’s review a few of the highlights, though.

“Broken Glass” starts in Brazil. Argent jumps into a police car and, while the officer is initially hesitant to share, he ultimately begins speaking about a mass murder. It quickly becomes clear that those murdered were werewolves and that Derek Hale is back to find out why. Yes, Derek Hale is back! And Argent isn’t the only hunter looking for him. In fact, Derek not only has Gerard on his tail, but all of the FBI as well.

Meanwhile, Monroe is arming her army and doing a damn fine job at it. She uses Ethan as a demonstration before telling Nolan and Sydney to take him out of the room. Ethan asks the question, “Where is Jackson?” – an inquiry we don’t actually get an answer to.

But Lydia’s curious as well! The next scene has her waking up asking the same thing. She’s spooked, so she heads off to find Scott. Surprisingly, Scott isn’t home when she gets there. Instead, she hooks up with Peter, who can’t seem to find Malia either.  Their banter ultimately leads Lydia to share her latest vision – literally all of Team Scott turned to stone. Dum, dum, DUM!

So where is our newest Teen Wolf couple? Training with Deucalion. He’s teaching them how to fight without using their eyes…poorly. They do so poorly! And it really doesn’t get that much better as the episode progresses. Scott does eventually get the upper hand on Deucalion, but I’m dubious as to whether it’ll be enough to take on the Anuk-Ite effectively.

Because Argent is awesome, it doesn’t take him long to find Derek, who is hiding a vial of wolfsbane from Gerard. Unfortunately, their reunion is cut short when the FBI show up – only it’s not just the FBI…Kate’s back too! There’s a lot of shooting and smack talking, but when all is said and done, Kate’s the one who ends up with the vial. A wounded Derek chases after her after telling Argent to return to Beacon Hills so he can warn Scott.

Liam’s also seeing some action this episode. Feeling guilty, Nolan approaches him and offers to reveal something of interest at the hospital. Apparently Monroe has a number of werewolves hooked up to wolfsbane IVs. Unsure how to proceed, Liam calls Mason and Corey for help. As they arrive, however, it becomes clear the entire thing is an elaborate trap…with them as the bait.

Thinking he’s in the clear, Nolan tries to leave the hospital only to be waylaid by Gabe…who proceeds to beat the hell out of him for betraying the hunters.

“Broken Glass” comes to a head when Lydia and Peter finally find Malia and Scott training. Their intent was to warn that the hunters are coming, but it seems they arrive just a few minutes too late. Monroe’s army is already there and Deucalion is shot multiple times in the back.

Aaaand we end with the team facing down an army of crazed, heavily armed, hunters. Great!

My overall thoughts? I’m not feeling the build here. I’m not particularly tense going into the final episode. The loss of Halwyn is minimal and, while Deucalion was an important character previously, his death isn’t really dire either (assuming he’s actually dead, that is). The stakes just aren’t high enough for me yet. Hopefully, however, the episode on Sunday won’t disappoint! Guess we will just have to wait and see.