THE TEAM IS TARGETED — Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are disappointed after they learn that William (guest star Jack Moore) is hiding something from them. Wanting to focus on his family, Oliver steps back from his Green Arrow duties and let’s the team take over tracking down a serial killer. However, when the team becomes targets for the killer, things take a bloody turn.

The episode opens with someone developing pictures of Dinah, very creepily. I mean who even develops pictures anymore. To go with the creepiness Dinah finds another note on her desk, this  one says “I said I’d kill you all  now your time has come.” Totally not frightening at all. And my boy Diggle finds one saying “you will suffer.” Rene gets one saying “I can find you anywhere.” All the night finding is intercut with creepy guy typing said notes on a typewriter—all very creepy and ominous, very effective. The scene closes with the creeper who is most certainly the Star City Slayer, placing various pictures of team Arrow on his creepy murder corkboard.

At the Queen residence Oliver needs to be a dad. William got expelled an nobody is happy about it. It looks like William is following in his father’s footsteps, he got expelled for fighting. William is still all moody about Oliver going to jail. Man, kids can suck sometimes.

Flash forward, future Dinah and company are trying to find Felicity’s bombs. Which leads them to the Arrow Cave, which ties into last weeks ending because Roy, Zoey, Dinah and William get hit sleeper darts from the people from last week.

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Back in the present Dig is still looking for Dante and Curtis is getting ARGUS close to him. Dig is happy with the news but not happy when Curtis tells him he has been offered another job elsewhere.

At the dog residence, Dinah is teaching Zoey some kick moves—guess that’s why she becomes a vigilante in the future. Dinah is also coping with her secret identity being outed. The Dog also shares his threatening note with Dinah, who also shares with him that her and Laurel had previously gotten those.

Next the Star City Slayer slits some old dude’s throat in bed after injecting him with some paralysing agent and leaves a note reading: “Do you think you’re safe now? You’re not.”

Team Arrow is on the first day of police work, when this whopper comes in. Turns out the guy was from a few episodes back who got arrested for working with Diaz and then released. Apparently there has been two other victims of the Slayer but the families never released the notes. Curtis and Oliver are the only two of the team to have not received  notes. This particular MO remids Dinah of a serial killer from your time in Central City.

Back to the future, William and Zoey are tied up to chairs in the cave with Blackstar

Dig drops a counter offer on Curtis to keep him at ARGUS. ARGUS wants to make Curtis the head of the science department. Curtis is certainly taken a back but gives no answer to Dig. Meanwhile Captain Singh from the CCPD calls Dinah in regards to the serial killer.

Back at Oliver’s, William is still moody but this time he is playing with a Rubiks cube. To boost morale Oliver is going to make his famous chili. Oh snap, Ollie’s little convo is cut short by the doorbell. It’s William’s maternal grandparents. William called them, they plan to take William with them and they will take it to the courts. They truly don’t believe Oliver and Felicity are fit to take care of him.

William and Oliver having a screaming match. William just wants a normal life. Felicity doesn’t want to see William go but with the life they live she doesn’t think it would be the worst thing.

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Back to the future part II, Roy and Dinah are tied up elsewhere with Connor Hawke.   Connor Hawke is confirmed to be John Diggle’s son.

At SCPD the team has deduced that the killer they are dealing with is the same one from Star City. The MO fits, even the paralysing agent matches, tox screenings all came back negative except for magnesium which so happens to be the by product of a rare drug Curtis knows about. The drug is rare enough that they are able to track the latest shipment to a house in the Glades registered to a John Doe. It’s a creepy looking house. Team Arrow sans Oliver is pulling some Scooby Doo stuff, even going as far to split up and search for clues. Diggle finds blood. Curtis finds a piano and a cymbal monkey toy. Rene finds a music box, playing music of course. Curtis then finds Rene and they then find a Slabside Pen uniform. Dinah finds the creepy cork board, typewriter and a scrapbook of Oliver Queen. The investigation session is cut short when Stanley—Oliver’s little sidekick is revealed to be the Star City Slayer—slices Dinah’s throat. Dig, Curtis and Rene find her bleeding out on the floor. There’s no time for an ambulance but luckily Curtis has been working on a prototype cauterizer. Pretty convenient but things are looking up for Dinah’s survival.

Back to the future part III, Blackstar reveals that Felicity is not dead and she wants Archer program to find her. William drops the bomb that Felicity is his mom, step mom. And then a fight breaks out because Roy and Dinah got loose.

Back at the Queen residence the power has been knocked while at the creepy house everyone else finds Stanley’s shrine and worries for Oliver’s safety. After finishing dinner, Oliver, Felicity and William find that they are unable to move. Looks like Stanley is there.

Stanley is very excited to meet William and to see the rest of the fam. He just wants to talks. Stanley gets very angry when Oliver calls him the Star City Slayer. Stanley has been doing all his killings to protect Oliver. Poor Stanley is very unhinged, it sounds like his father used to hurt him or correct him as Stanley calls it. Stanley in turn corrected his father. Oliver is able to muster up enough to knock Stanley out with a glass soda bottle just as Rene and Curtis arrive.

Dinah is in surgery and Stanley is headed back to Slabside. Curtis turns down the ARGUS job and is taking a position in D.C., looks like we might be losing Curtis on the show. William has decided to live with grandma and grandpa in Central City but it’s like a nice thing because its for safety. Oliver tears up saying goodbye.  And Felicity is pregnant.

In the future, Blackstar is revealed to Mia Smoak aka William’s half sister.

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