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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×13: “The Book of Secrets-Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire.”

Jefferson and Gambi are testing Jennifer’s powers to see exactly how powerful she is. Gambi believes Jennifer at 50% is stronger than Jefferson in his prime. After ramping her powers up, Jenn causes a power outage in the sanctum. Jefferson now believes his daughter is a walking nuclear bomb.

Lynn wants answers from O’Dell. At first O’Dell doesn’t want to explain why he’s been following her but Lynn isn’t willing to help him without answers. O’Dell explains that the Markovians are stock-piling meta-humans as weapons and their research has led them back to Freeland, and because Lynn is in the middle of it, she’s now in danger.

Anissa, still upset over Grace leaving her for seemingly no reason, goes back to Grace’s apartment to look for clues when she finds a little pill on the ground and an old picture and takes it to the sanctuary to find out what it is.

Detective Henderson finds that the large pods have been moved and brings along Gambi to find evidence. Gambi finds some radioactivity and a purple substance that was left.

Tobias and Cutter decide to open up one of the pods, and they open up the pod of Marcus Bishop who has the ability of vibro-kinesis. After being frozen for over 30 years he comes out and almost kills Cutter before Tobias steps in and shuts him down with a remote.

At Garfield, one of the students, Tavon, is conveniently telling Jefferson that he should get a second chance, when “Bad News Napier” comes in to actually deliver some good news. The video of Lowry and Jennifer went viral and there is a chance that Jeff could possibly get his old job back.

At the ASA, O’Dell informs Lynn that the Markovians officially know that the pods are being kept there and they have to move them by tomorrow.

Tobias is talking to the dead painting of his sister Tori when Cutter interrupts. Tobias goes on about great whites being solitary hunters, and when Tobias asks her about why she took the job, she tells him she was tired of being a solitary hunter. There’s also an attraction between the two but before the two can kiss, an alert goes off telling Tobias that the pods are about to be moved.

In the cellar of Tobias’ mansion, Marcus is being held against his will while Tobias propositions him. Tobias offers him a lot of cash to become partners.

Anissa and Jenn are having a talk about Tobias. Jenn wants revenge but Anissa tells her that they have to lay low because it’s tough for metas right now. Anissa starts talking about Grace and Jenn gives Anissa the hard truth that maybe Grace doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Anissa tells Jenn not to go any where.

So obviously Jenn doesn’t listen and goes to club 100 dressed in all black looking for Tobias. She starts lighting up one the gang members, asking him where Tobias is. He doesn’t know.

Lowry and Jefferson have a talk on Lowrys way out. Lowry tells him that the kids need consistency, not someone who’s gonna leave in during a crisis.

After running some analysis on the picture that Anissa gave him, Gambi finds out that Grace Choi basically doesn’t exist and she’s been using a false identity. She was abandoned as a child and went from foster home to foster home and at 16 she was abducted and sold into a child prostitution ring. When the ring was broken up, she vanished and changed her name to Grace Choi.

During the closed door meeting at Garfield, Jefferson is line to get his job back but Jeff vouches for Lowry saying that Lowry deserves a longer chance to integrate here before he is evaluated and that he is consistent.

Jenn heads to the Seahorse Motel looking for Tobias. There, she gets in a fight with some gang members. Jennifer loses control of her powers but luckily Anissa heard the news and got there in time to save her.

Cutter and Marcus invade the ASA. Dr.Jace initiates an emergency lock down that locks Lynn down in the lab.

Anissa gets the call from dad that moms in trouble and they head to the ASA warehouse. Unfortunately Cutter, Marcus and Jace got away with the pods.

Lynn thinks it’s the Markovians that got in but Gambi finds that it was Marcus AKA Shakedown.

Tobias walks into his office to find Cutter drinking his expensive whiskey. Cutter tells him that Todd cracked the briefcase but couldn’t crack the pods, but that’s why that have Dr.Jace. The two kiss. In the final scene, Todd is in his brand new car, when suddenly it blows up and engulfs in flames.


“Pillar of Fire,” was a strong improvement over the last episode and finally puts all the power in the hands of one Tobias Whale. It’s been a slow build this season, but Tobias’ plans of controlling all the pod kids are finally in his grasp, plus he also gets the girl.

The mega-strong Jennifer still doesn’t have enough training to be able to use her powers correctly as we see during the scene at the Seahorse Motel. While she does have some cool moves, until she learns how to control her emotions, her dad is never gonna be able to trust her out in the field, especially now that he realizes she’s basically a walking nuclear bomb. Don’t expect Jennifer to become Lightning just yet!

Grace’s reveal was also very shocking and dark. While the show does not devote a lot of screen-time to the relationship, it’s always been nice to see the two of them on the screen even though it seems like it doesn’t tie to much into the rest of the plot. After the reveal, it seems like there’s more to meet the eye with Grace and maybe that her history has more to do with the Markovians than we thought.

It seemed weird that Jefferson didn’t want to have his job back after all he went through. You could see Jeffersons face light up when he talked of getting his job back. The fact that Tobias is still out there and his second daughter could explode at any time is most likely the cause for his hesitation. There’s no way he believes that Lowry is the right man for the job, but he knows there can always be another Tobias incident just like the one at Garfield in the finale last season.

+Tobias’ finally put in motion

-The supposed death of Todd

-Jennifer going after Tobias alone (really sis?)

+ Grace’s shocking history

+ Shakedown’s powers make him one of the strongest on the show

+ Wasn’t bogged down by unnecessary drama