Valentines Day, for some it is a day of celebration regarding all things related to the extravagant feeling of love but for others its a disaster. “Bed, Bob and Beyond”, episode 13 of the 9th season, aired on February 10th after a short break in the season. “Bob’s Burgers” is is well known for it’s holiday special episodes and we can add this episode to the Valentines section.

Long standing fans of the show know what a big deal Valentines Day is to Bob and Linda because it is always so hard for them to see eye to eye to achieve their perfect plan. Well this episode finally brought those conflicting opinions to a boiling point as the two spend the whole day fighting and being passive aggressive over a disagreement.

Bob's Burgers (Bed Bob and Beyond 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Bob and Linda find themselves arguing the whole day over a dispute that neither of them will apologize for (based off of a flash back). This leads up the begging of the episode, with the Belcher family going to see a (cheesy) romance movie and a British princess. Miraculously, they never get to finish the film due to an alleged fire so then everyone in the theater is evacuated.

I thought that the fact it all started with Bob leaving his clothes on the ground was an in interesting addition since this was once mentioned in a previous Valentines special. In said special, Bob kicked his clothes that were on the ground into a heart as a Valentines surprise so that was interesting. Even though we don’t see Bob’s clothes in piles on the floor or hear about it form others, its kind of a small aspect of his character (he can be dirty and sloppy).

Bob's Burgers (Bed Bob and Beyond 1)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Unfortunately, the night does noes ease the tension between this couple much to the children’s concern. The reason for their concern is not because they want to save Valentines Day but rather they wanted to encourage a good mood before breaking some bad news to their parents.

Similar to the “Sliding Bobs” episode style, the three Belcher children each tell a story furthering/ rewriting the movies plot. Tina and Gene’s stories didn’t  alleviate the negative emotions through their nonsensical, erratic story telling. Finally, as a last resort, Louise steps in and tells her alternate ending.

Bob's Burgers (Bed Bob and Beyond 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Much like her siblings, Louise’s story doesn’t really make any sense but the message is clear. Louise made a point to say that sometimes its important to realize that somethings are not worth having a major fight over and the value of apologizing.

Overall, the episode itself was not bad but it didn’t leave a lasting impression or manifest any strong feelings with us as past episodes have. Also, while the stories did represent the story-tellers personality well, at times they seemed a bit to confusing to follow/ enjoy but this could be considered a type of entertainment viewers may really like. We would have to say that the message was lovely but the story left audiences wanting more, so not the best episode ever but still not the worse.

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