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Fresh Off the Boat “Driver’s Edie” Was Funny but Not To Its Potential

This sounds critical but this episode just felt weak– and it shouldn’t have! It had all the makings of a great episode: plenty of Grandma Huang, Edie’s friends were present again, an Evan and Emery storyline! So you what went wrong? It certainly wasn’t the acting; Forrest Wheeler has grown back into himself and delivered one of his strongest performances to date, and Hudson and Randal had the strongest connection we’ve seen. We think the episodes misses could be forgivable beginner hiccups from the episodes producer Missy Mansour, as this was only the fourth episode she yas produced according to our data. All is forgiven thougg as we still got decent jokes and an enjoyable story.

The episode features two main plots: the titular journey of Eddie learning to drive, and the strained dynamic between Evan and Emery when Grandma Huang keeps inviting -only- Emery to hang out with her in her new garage apartment. The episode gave us a break from the over focus on Honey and Marvin (though Marvin does unknowingly step on Louis’ toes by giving Edie a driving lesson). We also finally got a glimpse of the schoop this season, and Edie’s extended friend group as they start driver’s ed, but we must say it still feels bizarre to not have Nicole around. Even more bizarre was learning that Brian is older than his friends and id already driving a scooter, which hilariously culminates in him reclessly driving into Marvin’s car when he’s trying to teach Eddie.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Where things get a little dicey is the horrible cop that makes us witness a horribly awkward microaggression. The officer was so obnoxious and they pushed the point so hard without painting it agressive (sitcom probs) that it succeeded in making us uncomfortable. It mever resolved properly though. They never readdress the officer and we feel unfulfilled in this heavy cast episode. That’s what happens with too many chatacters! The wrap up with a family viewing pf Rush Hour was…topical but left us feeling incomplete.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC
The Evan and Emery storyline had a perfectly FoTB ending, where Evan admits to his flaws and makes efforts for change. What sold it though was the final testament to brotherly solidarity when Emery asks for some of Evans self-silencing taffy to help him also hold his tongue at Grandma Huang’s extremely tall tale. We hope we get more of those two back together this season, because their chemistry has gotten even stronger!

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