On this episode of you we were refreshed with a quick recap of Beck and Joe’s encounters involving her “living father” and remarks him not letting Peach get in the way of them. Peach continues to tear down Joe like he is a mouse trying to steal his cheese. I felt like the reason why Peach didn’t like Joe was because of his financial status, but that’s not the case. It’s because much like Joe, Peach feels like she is a better fit for her life, but won’t admit it. Instead she pretends to care for Joe so that Beck won’t stop spending time with her. Joe just began to win Beck over, they even had a sacred morning routine that Joe looked forward to everyday. Beck appeared a lot more happier with the consistency Joe brought to the table, but she still wasn’t use to it. Joe cooked her breakfast, folded her laundry, and even gave her time to write in the morning, but he could never take the spot of her friends. We saw Joe observe her friends when Beck reserves her time for them in the evening. Annika is the only friend of Beck’s that thinks Joe is a good guy, but that is because she is not like Joe or Peach, she isn’t obsessed with Beck. Although I think Joe is crazy for manipulating Beck’s life. I do agree with him on the fact that Peach has an unhealthy relationship with Beck. The fact that she is always trying boss Beck around, shows that she isn’t a good friend. Beck isn’t good at looking after herself and that’s why it’s so easy for Peach and Joe to do it for her.

During this episode we also saw Peach’s immaculate clap-back lines. One thing I do like about Peach is when she hits, she hits hard. Most of the time Joe has nothing to say back (out loud of course). When asked by peach how much her copy of Ozma of Oz book was work, Joe estimated the price. We know that she really wasn’t going to sell the books, she was just still holding on to the idea that Joe swiped it from her bookcase (which he did) and wanted him to admit it. She is a shady woman, but she is good at it I’ll admit. Joe decided to get back at her by using Annika’s insta-famous status. He encouraged her to post a throwback photo of her and Peach before her nose job and caption it “Bi***es being our most authentic selves”. I died of laughter from hearing that come out Joe’s mouth because he sounded so robotic, it was hilarious. I knew Annika was team, but I didn’t think she would be that gullible to think that the picture of her and Peach was “cute”. They both looked very “rough” in that picture. This showed that not only could be shady like Peach, but he is also truly petty.

Surprisingly , Beck chose Joe over Peach for a date, but then his pettiness came to bite him in the a**. The consequence behind the photo of Peach later lead up to the uploading of a viral video of Annika wasted at a party making racist comments. The night that Joe so desperately  needed only ended up sending Beck away to be with her friends again. Joe discovered that the video was uploaded by an anonymous Instagram user (which was peach). Joe continued to play games with Peach, but she always found a way to win. If Joe would ever say anything bad about Peach to Beck she wouldn’t believe him. To Beck, Peach is someone who always had her back, best interest, and when she’d down on her luck, she is there to lend a helping hand. The two have years of friendship, so Beck’s loyalty to Peach has been earned. Beck feels like Joe doesn’t know her from a can of paint, but that is because she doesn’t know about the stalking. Because Joe, stalked her, gathered all of her information, and lives as this super hero boyfriend, he expects her to take his side. It would never happen because Joe will always be a stranger to Beck. She doesn’t even know that he is a killer obsessed maniac let alone “the one”.

To get ahead of the game with Peach, Joe decided to skip his morning routine with Beck for one day to stalk Peach. Peach’s life isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. I thought we would see what makes her so miserable to the point where she has to bring other people down, but we only got to see her career driven attitude. One thing that Joe didn’t narrate that much in this episode is the fact that Peach is lonely. She doesn’t have a man and I believe it’s because she doesn’t prefer them and when she isn’t around her friends she is by herself. Peach see’s the same thing that Joe see’s in Beck. An amazing woman that they can just use. Beck is always giving more than she is receiving and I feel like that is why the two prey on her. They live to suck up her essence and when neither one of them has her attention, they fight over her. It’s a bad look on Joe because he often looses his mind when he doesn’t get his way, he does stupid things. Beck maybe a prize in his eyes, but to her he is not even close to being a trophy yet. I could understand why Joe would be jealous of Peach because he is everything that he isn’t. Someone that Beck confides in, cares about, she’s rich, beautiful, and she has years of chemistry with Beck. No matter what issues they have it’s clear that Joe could never match Peach relationship wise.

Beck’s emotional writing about her “dead” father lead to Allison granting her potential writing opportunities to advance in her future career, but Peach felt like she could do better. When Peach heard the good news, she insisted that Beck take a different route by teaming up with a famous Author Representative by the name of Roger Stevens. Joe overheard the conversation and thought that there was a catch to this opportunity. Nevertheless, he followed Peach’s orders by closing the bookstore to host a private party so that Beck could properly meet Mr. Stevens. It was very grand, so grand that peach had to rub the sight of Roger and Beck in his face. At that point I was convinced that Peach would rather see Beck with anyone else besides a dusty bookstore owner who steals her valuables and best friend. Joe told Peach about his new passion for running which he only took up to stalk her in the park. Remember when I said Peach hits hard? Well, she struck Joe’s ego super hard when she replied that runner’s high last longer than sex. Peach’s clap-backs are legendary!

When he stalked peach he noticed that she always has her laptop with her, which means she is hiding something. He decided to retrieve it during the party to look for the dirt, but he didn’t want to risk putting in the wrong password. After he tucked away laptop, he overheard the conversation between Peach and Roger about her purposelessly setting up the meet and greet to only kill her faith in her writing. Peach feels like Beck isn’t ready to be a hot shot writer, but who is she to tell Beck that she isn’t ready for a career that she has no experience in. I understand that some people can’t relate to Beck feelings in her writing pieces, but it’s the raw feelings that she puts into her writing that makes it so special. Her friends may not have daddy issues, but what about all of the other people out there who’ve been abandoned by a parent and can actually feel what she feel? I felt like it was wrong of Peach to fake support Beck when she is actually putting in the handwork to make her dream a reality, that isn’t a good friend Hearing her say those words only made Joe want to find out why Peach would want to sabotage Beck.

Before Joe could begin his investigation on Peach he investigated Paco’s interest in reading books about the legal defense of minors. The poor kid couldn’t tolerate the pain he had to witness his mother endure, so he wanted to know his options if he were to ever “hurt” his mother’s boyfriend Ron. Joe wasn’t much help because he ensured Paco that it wouldn’t be a happy ending and gifted him a book about revenge and living with the enemy. I thought that it was another stupid move by Joe. He encouraged the young boy to discover the power of revenge when he could do much more to help than what he was going. Like actually being a great male role model figure to him, but maybe Joe didn’t have that either. Joe met up with Annika again to get some information that would possibly be Peach’s laptop photo, but before he could get the full story he had to rush to his apartment where Peach was searching for her missing laptop. In this case Joe actually made a smart move by placing the laptop back at her home making her feel stupid about accusing him of taking it. Beck wasn’t quick to defend him which caused him to tell her that Peach didn’t care about her writing and that she had set her up. Beck was in denial and took it out on Joe, but she eventually found out the hard way.

When she found out that Roger had more interest in what’s in between her legs instead of her writing, she gave Peach an earful. The two had a fight and Beck eventually ran back into Joe’s arm which was the last thing Peach wanted to happen. To get her away from Joe, Peach attempted to committed suicide and called beck slurring her words from  taking too many pills. Beck rescued peach, but Joe knew it was an act and it worked. Again, Peach managed to take Beck away from him and he returned home alone. Joe promised himself that he wouldn’t let anyone come between him and Beck. He sure kept his word because he made sure that she was out of the equation. While running in the park, Joe followed peach and struck her with a rock. I honestly don’t think that Joe thinks before he doe’s crazy things, but somehow they work in his favor. While he ran away he convinced himself that killing Peach and leaving her there to bleed out was “brave”. To me it was more cowardly than anything. His actions came back to bit him in the a** again this episode when he came home to find Ron passed out on the floor. Paco attempted to kill him, but with the help of Joe, he survived. He survived to beat Joe’s a**. What I didn’t understand was the fact that Joe  just killed Beck’s friend with a rock, but couldn’t fight Ron with his bare hands. This made no sense to me at all. Not only that he received a call from Beck saying that Peach is in the hospital and she is alive. Joe never gets the job done, wins the girl, or gets his way. Why won’t he just stick to being the nice guy that no one wants? I’ll tell you why, because its a lot easier to stalk the girl of your dreams until she wants you and eliminate anyone that gets in the way. Yep, a lot easier. Hopefully, Peach didn’t see who attacked her because Joe could do some time and would never get to see Beck again. We will find out the aftermath of this on the next episode of ‘You’