Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

We’re nearing the end here folks. Only 2 more episodes left this season! So much to wrap up still, and I really hope our gang doesn’t stumble upon even more trouble than they’ve already got. Anne is hot on their trail, whether she knows it or not, and getting closer with each new painting. Abby is really raring to destroy some fracking property, but her wing-man bailed out. Sheila plucked another lobster from her tank, but we don’t really know if anyone happened to have noticed her doing so. Not to mention the whole clam issue that could threaten the whole of humanity. Let’s get to it!

Hot Water

We open with Joel looking up Ruby’s clams. He finds this little house, in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, alongside a large barn. He meets Ruby, and she’s a very feisty blonde lady. As per his previous “Are you a zombie?” investigation, he brings baked goods and tries to get her to eat a danish. She begins to make an excuse about being on a diet, so he prepares trusty hammer knife. She decides the diet isn’t worth it, eats it anyway, and lays down some serious flirting.

Ruby flirts with Joel
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Anne and Sheila are working out in the garage, sparring with pads, and Sheila is lighting Anne up! With the rage fuel of being pissed about Carl behind her, she’s in rare form. Anne talks about how inspiring Sheila is, the admiration clear on her face, and talks about her foray into painting again. Sheila politely asks if she can check them out and gets a full view of all her paintings, including the one of Joel!

Anne describes her recent paintings
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

Abby is researching homemade explosives in her room, and Eric pops by. Awkwardness hands heavy in the air, which is to be expected. He tries in vain to make things less tense, but we all know that isn’t Eric’s strong suit. She calls him a mouse, which means we know she’s hurt about him bailing on her. He rips on her about making her own explosives, essentially because that’s crazy. He tries to help, but it isn’t working. She is not budging, because his help is unwanted, and he leaves.

Eric is being a backseat arsonist
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

Ruby is growing the clams in the house, or some of them. Joel sees that she actually has a large storage shed filled with clams. Her brother found them in a cave in Serbia, which explains the Serbian connection to this whole mess. She calls them Ruby Reds, because they are… well red, and her name is Ruby. Apparently, they breed like crazy which is a terrible thing! Ruby is ready to sell to restaurants and doesn’t let Joel convince her to quit, though he really didn’t put up a good argument. Sheila calls, and tells Joel he needs to come and see the paintings ASAP. Our mystery friends show up at Ruby’s as Joel drives away, but they’re arguing about their relationship and babies… this pair really is intriguing.

Our mystery couple discusses baby showers
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

Out of Time

Anne explains her trail of inspiration that lead her to painting Joel, which is all right on the money. She also painted a tumbler full of vomit from the Serbian guy’s apartment, which is a clue I don’t think anyone would know what to do with. She really does have it all figured out, except WHO it is that is killing everyone. She’s telling the Hammonds, who stand right in front of her, but not getting the link. Joel tells her to burn her paintings, which is an incredibly harsh criticism, but Anne seems to take that with a grain of salt. They attempt to convince her to paint other things, like babies or lizards!

The Hammonds try to distract Anne
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They head home, and discussions of killing Anne led nowhere. She’s likeable, and Sheila’s friend, so they instead get into a back and forth where they each claim fault for everything. A knock at the door brings Rick, and he has what he thinks is great news! He called someone at the health department to get the clams checked out, which would be an awesome favor if he could get them there sooner than next week. Rick knows something is up, and presses his good buddy, but Joel doesn’t give in. Rick storms away very upset that he won’t let him in on the issues bugging him, which apparently has to do with sensitivity training at work. The Hammonds push their attentions towards the impending clam delivery that happens tomorrow morning, which means something needs to be done tonight!

Joel decides that evil red clams need to die
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

Eric comes over and discusses what he’s attempted to kill off all of the clams. Electric current doesn’t work. Antifreeze didn’t work either. Bleach is his most recent attempt, and it doesn’t seem to have worked. The giant red clam slowly opens and out comes creepy crawly clam leg, which then grabs a normal clam and eats it. Shell and all. Eric and Abby have a nasty attitude game going on during their plans to incinerate the clams, which is felt by everyone in the room. Since the killing option hasn’t panned out, its time for a new plan. Burn them all!

Abby recommends burning the clam farm
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

Explosive Results

Joel and Sheila head to the farm to steal the clams… all 5000 of them. As they scoop out clams while Ruby is at work, they share a moment due to Sheila getting emotional about everything Joel does for her. Joel lets her know its his fault that she died, because he smoked pot with Rick and faked having to work late so he wouldn’t have to cook dinner that night. Then Ruby comes home, and is pissed, so she goes off to get a gun. She confronts them and brings up their “lackeys”, who we all know are not connected to the Hammonds. They do, however, have a rocket launcher, and they blow up the clams after everyone runs out. The rocket wielding duo decide to murder everyone who ate the clams after they try for that baby they were talking about earlier.

Mystery couple is aroused by explosions
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

Eric and Abby head to talk with Sven about using the kiln at his job. Abby puts the heavy flirting on, a bit too heavy, and it doesn’t seem to charm Sven enough to leave Eric alone with the kiln. Eric thinks up a new plan, and offers to write his college essays for him, which Sven jumps all over. Abby apologizes about being a super jerk to him, and they make up, which I’m glad for. There is only one episode left this season, they shouldn’t be fighting now!

Abby apologizes to Eric
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

Joel and Sheila arrive home, quite shaken up about being nearly murdered via RPG. A knock on the door reveals Anne, who decided to dig deeper and found the connection between Boone the Nazi and Gary’s niece. Anne’s boss loves that her theory is fleshing out and wants to take the whole case to homicide. Before Anne leaves, she gives them the picture of a baby lizard that she painted, which is quite good in all actuality. The Hammonds begin to panic, as they realize that being nearly murdered via RPG is the least of their worries.

Joel thinks RPG explosions are their good times
Image Captured Via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 9 – Suspicious Objects

So I definitely didn’t expect our mystery couple at all this episode, let alone for them to have a rocket launcher! That certainly brings a whole new level of danger to the already complicated lives of the Hammonds. Not to mention that homicide is going to get involved in the missing persons case that will surely lead them straight to our beloved family. At least Eric and Abby have started to make up, I didn’t like seeing them at odds. To be fair though, blowing up a fracking trailer is a bit on the extreme side. Only one more episode left this season! Too many questions, and not enough answers… I hope it all works out!



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