No more running or hiding because it was decided by the Dark Lord that Sabrina is going to live a double life of a mortal schoolgirl and a satanic witch. That is what they believe, but her real plans are to learn more about conjuring and demons so that she can stick it to the Dark Lord. To begin her studies, she had to lie to her friends and Harvey about attending an expo, but she actually had to attend three days at The Academy Of Unseen Arts. When she asked about the school, Zelda made it sound grand, but its society stands more like a mortal school. There are social groups, rumors, and bullies. You could tell that Zelda was a popular student and Hilda was the shy and nice one. Hilda also implied that Zelda was the cause of her not being able to enjoy the academy as much. Even at their current age, Zelda bashes Hilda for being someone other than her. It didn’t help that Hilda is excommunicated for witnessing Sabrina’s Catholic baptism. It’s just more ammunition for her to strike her with. Sabrina tried to not show an ounce of fear during her transaction, but it was shown that it was hard for her to be away from home. With living a double life, comes more homework from attending two different schools, I thought it was weird that the school doesn’t allow familiars on the premises, but they allow dead children to greet the students.

A young student named Quentin became Sabrina’s new friend as he guided her through the school to Father Blackwood. She expected to be taken a little more seriously, but her schedule said otherwise. Her first class was choir which o happened to be the same class the weird sisters have. Surprisingly she impressed Lady Blackwood with her amazing vocals. This only made the weird sisters hate her more since she is a half breed, I don’t understand why the weird sister can’t be accepting of someone who has the same magical capabilities as them (Is it that bad to be a mortal?). Despite her nasty attitude, I love the beauty that Prudence has (Tati Gabrielle). In my girly voice, I would like to say that her hair and makeup is a whole mood. Other than her weird acquaintances we were also introduced to her fellow schoolmate Nicolas. Nicholas is all that and a bag of chips from his handsome face to his knowledge of Demonology. There’s nothing hotter than a sexy warlock. You could tell by the look in his eye that he has a crush on Sabrina, but we all know that she is madly in love with Harvey. It could be convent though living a double life going to two different schools maybe she could have two different boyfriends (Just kidding). This episode was all about a test of Sabrina’s mental strength. As much as the weird sisters and Father Blackwood like to intimidate Sabrina, they didn’t stand a chance. I love how she displayed no fear when the weird sisters thought that they could break her. I also love how she knows her worth, the student may not accept her, but she feels as if she doesn’t need validation.

During Sabrina’s weekend at the “Expo” Roz and Susie had a girls night at Susie’s house. The night becomes very strange when Susie is held responsible for monitoring her uncle who suffered trauma after being in the mines that Harvey’s dad owns. In the episode, Harvey’s dad expressed his concern for exploring other careers. Harvey is a talented artist who hopes that he will be able to see his work in the local comic shop, but his dad wants him to work in the mines as his family does. It was discovered that the “thing” that Harvey seen as a kid in the mines, was the same thing that made Susie’s uncle Jessie very ill. It appeared that Uncle Jessie was posses by whatever is lurking in the mines. When Harvey wanted to get information from him, he attacked him like an animal. This cause uncle Jessie to be tied up to his bed. If this “thing” has a lot of power to control others, I wonder why Harvey’s dad or brother hasn’t seen it for themselves. I also wonder if it preys on certain people possibly those who are very fearful. It’s possible that the “thing” is from Ms. Wardwell.

The weird sisters were done tormenting Sabrina just yet. Their actions went beyond what a bully would do. She was forced to suffer the pain and trials of the former 13 witches who once lived. It was a heartbreaking scene when Sabrina had to stand until dawn listening to the voices of demons that told her to look back. When she survived her Immersion Quentin informed her that she passed the test. It turned out Quentin was one of the many other dead children guarding the school. Their death came from the Harrowing of other witches. Harrowing is a term for extreme bullying (to the death). When informed about the tragedies, Sabrina had one more reason to hate the Academy. Luckily Aunt Hilda and Zelda came to the rescue. I was actually happy that they did not take the silence that Father Blackwood wanted to place over harrowing in the school. Sabrina was also challenged to solve the Acheron her father created before his death. While she attempted to solve the puzzle, the weird sisters decided to invade her privacy with “fun”. Because Sabrina didn’t break under pressure, Prudence thought that harrowing to her death by hanging her was easier. The dead children that guarded the school had her back by showing them no mercy. This was the most badass scene that Sabrina has ever had so far in the season. The dead children’s spirits were free and they now protect the student from harrowing. Zelda finally apologized for harrowing Hilda in school. I thought that apology was well overdue since she continued to treat her like crap, but at least Hilda finally felt loved by her sister. As far as Sabrina, Father Blackwood was very disappointed at Prudence failure to make Sabrina suffer, but why would he want her to. I suspect that Father Blackwood had a sort of misunderstanding with Sabrina’s father. Hopefully further along in the season, it will be revealed.