Yall, I’m so excited for this show. This show just draws you in and keeps you seeking more. So episode 2 is underway and there are more keys to be found and who is the chick in the well and what really happened to their dad, Rendell? Last time, the mom, Nina, got stuck in the mirror and they had to save her. And she completely forgot the incident after it happened. So what will happen in episode 2? Bode, the youngest, is trying to convince his siblings that there is something else going on. In doing so, he reveals that he lost a key, the anywhere key, but he really gave it to the good girl or Echo, but she ain’t in the well anymore. The siblings are on the fence about whether or not to believe him, but he is giving them proof. But of course, like all movies, they ignore the obvious signs and direct information that can see and feel.

If you will remember, Bode has not started school quite yet. The family moved into their dad’s childhood home after he passed away. Bode, then decides to do a little exploration of the house and runs into his Uncle Duncan. He also doesn’t remember much about his childhood, other than he hates the house. But why does he hate the house so much? We don’t know yet, but the mirror key gave us a tiny hint into the world of Key house. Bode finds yet another key, but what will it do?

Meanwhile, Kinsey and Tyler head to school and try to adjust to a new school and people. Tyler already has his own clique of friends while Kinsey is looking for somewhere to fit in. But Scot seems to be the only one who even really notices her. He tries to be her friend and includes her by inviting her out and to eat lunch together. She seems to be extremely hesitant with meeting new people. And with Tyler acting weird she doesn’t have much choice but to end up talking to Scot. Both kids seem to be having an identity crisis of some sort. And we jump in and out of flashbacks with the dad and we begin to learn what sort of person he was. They both try and fail at adjusting to life without their dad.

Then, we happen across well girl and she is utilizing that key to the fullest. Taking what she wants and going where she wants. But we don’t know what she wants exactly. And we begin to see her true colors. So, she is definitely the antagonist and is very capable of theft and murder. But we still don’t know who she is, why she was in the well, or where she came from. All we know is that she wants these keys and she is willing to do anything to get them. And well she just does anything, period.

Nina keeps learning new things about her husband, Rendell. Things that he never divulged to her. It is like he is two separate people. She is baffled by the differences and begins to ask questions. It must be really difficult for her to begin to learn about her husband and he was a complete stranger. I wonder if she feels betrayed by him in some ways. But if he was truly worried about that house why not share it with her. Or explain to her why he never went back. What is it about this house? Or is it even the house at all? Maybe it is just simply the girl in the well? Was the place some sort of magical place or something? Has she been in the well since her dad left Key house? How did she survive all that time? I have lots of questions. So Nina ends up talking to Ellie about the past and learns a tragedy happened. Three of their friends died. And Duncan doesn’t remember the incident either. It makes me wonder if Rendell remembered what happened because clearly one of them remembers all too well.

Bode finally gets up the nerve to try the new key he found that is shaped like a human head. He inserts it into his neck after watching a keyhole on up on the back of the shopkeeper’s neck. He learns it is the key to the mind. The key creates an exact double of him and he can then look into his treasure chest of his mind. But the crazy thing is, that it can be seen by other people as well. Kinsey and Bode are having a heart to heart and they notice that Bode is frozen. But when they walk in, Bode invites them into his mind. I can see the potential of having a key like this. But it makes you wonder what other key there are. So far, there are keys hidden all over the house. They speak to Bode but it isn’t anything intelligible, just whispers. And you can’t tell if its even words or if its English. He’s found two keys that way. But the kicker is, the anywhere key (takes you anywhere in the world) was given to Kinsey by her dad. So, should we assume that he does remember everything that happened? Or is he like Duncan? Did the group of friends put the woman in the well? And what is up with this Ellie chick? She is hiding something too, but what? How many more keys are there? And what will they bring? Let’s find out. There are 8 more episodes to go…