Oh my oh my oh my, it has been a VERY long time! Season 2 of Happy! Has been teased for a few months, but finally, FINALLY we have an actual trailer! Go ahead, check it out below, but be warned- Happy! is rated MA and for Mature Audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

Like holy cow. I thought season 1 was bad, but based on the previous teasers, it seems like this is much worse. So let us go ahead and dive right in, and see what we can recall from last year, and what we picked up this year!

In case you don’t remember last season, here are the cliff notes: Nick Sax cheated on his wife Amanda with his partner Merry a fews years before the series takes place. Now an ex-cop, Nick is mostly a gunman for hire, causing many organizations to be after him. One hit gets him in the scope of Blue, the leader of a large organization, and in need of a password. He believes one of the men Sax killed told him the password before dying. Ironically, the one who knew the password was brought back from death, but wasn’t… all there. I think he is possessed by a demon, and with the new season being about Easter, strong Christian Overtones seem to still play a part.

While that is going on, an imaginary friend, Happy, reveals to Nick Amanda had a child, his daughter, Hailey. She has been kidnapped and Happy needs Nick’s help to save her. Through a series of twists, turns, and random connections, they find Hailey, and save her, and it ends with Hailey stopping her belief in Happy, and Happy now becoming Nick’s imaginary friend.

This season seems to be Sax taking the role of father quite seriously. He is cleaning up, no drugs, no alcohol, no nothing. Easter is on it’s way, and he is spending more time with Hailey! Still, as the trailer reveals almost every single member of the previous cast, plus a few new faces, we all know Nick is going to fail his cleaning up act, but he will have the best intentions in his mind. I am most excited that Smoothie is still in the cast. He is my favorite character. I also love the return of the scarf.

With an Air date of March 27th, on the SyFy channel, I am super excited and so ready to see Easter be made great again! Once I get a time, I will update this post, but until then, Stay Shiny!!!