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I’m filling in for our resident Outlander guru Meg this week and I had *feelings* about the penultimate episode of this season. In an episode filled with providence/kismet/fate, the stakes proved higher than ever for all of the characters we’ve come to know.

With Roger not touching the stone and remaining in the 18th century, he is fully ensconced in the Mohawk village of Shadow Lake in upstate New York. As a white man whom was sold by another white man to them, the Mohawk are wholly distrustful of him and disdain his essence. The one member of the tribe whom shows him kindness is their healer, Johiehon. They strike a dialogue (as they both speak French) and Roger’s particularly interested in her baby, a girl who has her father’s eyes (blue). Imagine Roger’s surprise when he’s put in timeout (after offending one of the tribe members by interrupting his instructions. So rude Roger!) in one of the shelters and meets a French priest named Father Alexandre. And just like that, Johiehon’s child’s father is confirmed. More on that in a bit.

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Many times have I lamented to our guru Meg how much Brianna tries my patience. From *that* accent (it hasn’t gotten noticeably better) to her temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way (the cringe worthy marriage demand she made of Lord John still gives me indigestion), Bree works my last nerve. In Providence, her absolute insistence to confront her rapist gave me heartburn, indigestion and a migraine. It’s one thing to know a raping, murdering bastard is buried in solitary in a supermax prison…it is entirely different to come face-to-face with a raping, murdering bastard in a barely-brick shanty while you’re well into your 3rd trimester.

To be honest, I tuned out most of what Brianna said to Bonnet. Luckily my interest was gathered when Fergus swooped in to save Murtagh from jail and a sure hanging. And they said the French were soft.

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But back to the crux of the entire episode: Roger. Moreso, Roger’s stubbornness. When the full story of Father Alexandre comes out (fell in love with Johiehon, made a baby, refused to baptize baby), Roger rightfully tells the priest how utterly stupid he’s being. Because of his recalcitrance and the offense he caused the tribe, Father Alexandre was set to have his feet placed to the literal fire. After a sleepless night with the men digging to escape (the priest had the briefest change of heart), the sun rose with Alexandre determined to meet his maker to maintain his ethics and faith (supposedly). With the screams of the damned priest in his ears, Roger takes his chance and runs into the forest.

Giving himself a pep talk, he hypes himself up to keep moving, don’t be an idiot. He decides to be the latter and runs headlong back into the village. Seeing Father Alexandre suffer in a slow burning pyre, Roger takes a powder keg and heaves it toward the stake. Blowing up, Alexandre dies and in a moment of absolute horror, Johiehon sets her baby down and walks right into the fire after her love.

Providence/kismet/fate. Roger experienced all of them and all of them led him right back to the idiot hut.

Meg will have the review for the Outlander season finale next week. You can catch up on Outlander season 4 on demand or the Starz app.