So, Greek St is recruiting an army of wronged Quigley victims to try and finally bring down Lydia. However. Lydia seems to always be five steps ahead of Maggie and her little schemes. Not only is she clever but she has the backing of the nobleman and the Lord Chief Justice. Justice Hunt has his hands tied because he can’t do much of anything due to his superiors and the protections that are automatically afforded to the aristocrats. So what can they do at this point; Quigley is winning. Not surprising. Charlotte becomes more entangled with Quigley in her mission to bring her down and enlists the help of Lady Fitz to help her free the girl that they kidnapped previously. But really how much help can Lady Fitz be, she has a big secret and she can’t even access her own money due to her brother.

So, they prepare the kidnapped girl to be sold and Charlotte cannot handle it. They gather together at Greek St and plot to try and buy the girl before anyone can get their hands on her. But that plan goes awry as well because well, let’s face it Lady Fitz doesn’t have her own money. Charlotte’s cover is blown along with Lady Fitz and the man they sent to fetch the girl. So Lydia  locks Charlotte up and gets everyone to do her bidding.

Meanwhile, Hunt is vying for Amelia’s hand in marriage but Amelia is balking against it because of her love for Violet. But both Violet and Mrs Scanwell are pushing Amelia towards Hunt. No one seems to care nor understand what Amelia wants. After being practically bullied by everyone to marry Hunt so she can have a better life, Amelia tentatively agrees to be his wife. Pleasing everyone but herself. And the game continues.

I am simply sick to death of Lucy and her greed and utter and complete ignorance of what is going on around her. The house and Lord Fallon’s money seem to have glamoured her into further stupidity. She thinks that she has Fallon under her finger and she controls him. But it is evident that she is the one who is trapped. But I can’t seem to find an ounce of sympathy for her because she is willing to be devoured by the beast and balks at anyone who tries to dissuade her from her path. But does Fallon really love her or is this all just a ploy to protect himself. So in the end the entire burden is left on Maggie’s shoulders or is it that Maggie has taken it on, on her own. In her attempt to bring down Quigley, she has brought ruin to everyone.