Russian Kara is training hard, fighting against tanks and drones under military supervision. What are they planning????

There was a cover-up. Following an investigation into an alien attack on a cargo ship, the naval officer found wounded but alive was brought back to the DEO. An alien invisible to the human eye is only visible when Supergirl utilizes her X-ray vision, despite Colonel Hayley’s warnings to stay out of DEO business now that Supergirl has been asked to step down.

But not long after, Director Danvers was informed that the officer had disappeared.

There was no record of the cargo ship where the events took place and even Colonel McAllister’s death was not recorded anywhere. The bomb Supergirl tossed out of the way could have been used to cover up the alien encounter.

Alex and Kara decide to question J’onn J’onns to see if he’d witnessed a similar invisible alien during his time at the DEO. I love that the Danvers sisters decided to circumvent the DEO in order to complete their investigation outside of Colonel Hayler’s authority.

J’onn reveals that Colonel Hayley, General Tan, and Colonel McAllister all faced an alien race called Morae. The Project, known as Project Morae, involved raising the young aliens in order to utilize their abilities in covert ops for the United States government.

Colonel Haley is determined to question every DEO officer to know Supergirl’s identity to have leverage over Kara and gain further control over her as a person and keep her in line. Alex warns Kara of this over a classic Danvers sisters hang, complete with wine and pizza.

After assembling all of the DEO agents privy to Kara’s identity, one female agent, unfortunately, gives in to interrogation and spills the beans. I totally saw this female being the one who would screw things up. It’s disappointing nonetheless.

Because of this, when the Morae arrive at the DEO set on killing Colonel Hayley, a fight ensues. Brainy injures his tailbone after being knocked off the balcony during an encounter with one of the Morae.

The clever use of paintball-like bullets to identify the Morae in dark environs is an excellent callback to what Brainy mentions to Nia as his ideal date: paintball or an escape room. In this case, both seem to apply.

Despite Supergirl swooping in to save Colonel Hayley from the remaining Morae, tossing the alien inside a containment cell, the Colonel demands she be listened to. Alex is agog, amazed that Hayley would demand Supergirl respect her knowing her true identity. As the Colonel rambles on about her grandiose plans to ruin Kara’s life, Alex lands a strong punch in.

J’onn arrives, immediately questioning if Kara or Alex were hurt. He’s an awesome space dad. With some misgivings, he erases Colonel Hayley’s memory of knowing Kara is Supergirl. Unfortunately, her intentions to find this information aren’t completely removed.

The following day, a virtullarian “truth seeker” is wheeled into the DEO interrogation area. Brainy points out he never knew the DEO understood the creature’s existence and insinuates the use of a Virtullarian in interrogation may not be so legal.

There’s no way to lie to this octopus-like creature. This leaves J’onn to wipe the minds wiped of every DEO agent who knows Kara is Supergirl – including Director Danvers herself.

“I just came back from a world where you didn’t know who I was. I can’t do that again.”

This Danvers sisters moment honestly broke my heart. Kara has to hide her Supergirl identity from Alex once her mind is wiped so as to prevent Colonel Hayley from re-discovering Supergirl’s alias.

The closing scene of Alex willfully getting her mind wiped completes the episode so well.


Episode highlights:


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Supergirl working out during a spin class, where Kara barely breaks a sweat.

Brainy dropping by J’onn’s new PI office, casually attempting to leave money for him to assist Supergirl in her DEO-less crimefighting.

Nia and Brainy’s not-date during which he hands her a binder full of potential costume ideas and leaves shortly after for DEO business involving the Morae. Super friends are mentioned and my heart is gleeful.


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