Sy-Fy’s adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novella “Nightflyers” continues with episode five, “Greywing,” and background on Cynthia’s life inside the ship’s crystal matrix. The world that Cynthia occupies resembles her father’s house, Greywing, and it appears that he lives there as well.

After Cynthia’s efforts to prevent rendezvous with the volcryn, Lommie suggests a plan to keep Cynthia out of the ship’s systems. Thale creates another negative encounter with the crew, so Agatha appeals to Karl that Thale needs meaningful work to show himself and others that he is a part of the team. He volunteers to enter the ship’s systems with Lommie, and observes everything she sees and does there.

Cynthia toys with Lommie, describing how she built the Nightflyer to escape; she doesn’t want to fly from old monsters to new ones. The ship isn’t meant to be her prison, it’s meant to be freedom. Like she did with Karl, Cynthia reveals to Lommie that Mel knew Eris watched them make love. Cynthia uses these distractions to trap her behind a firewall and escape, all with Thale watching. He alerts the others that Cynthia is out.

Agatha and Karl have another meal that mirrors that first dinner in her memory where they talk about Thale and his wife’s therapy; how people go until there is nothing left. Agatha sympathizes and they discuss his daughter. After the meal Cynthia attacks Karl, attempting to kill him to end their mission.

Auggie and the bridge are alerted as Agatha hears Karl screaming in her mind. They race to Karl’s room, meeting at the door, which Auggie forces open. As Agatha holds him and he recovers, Karl asks how she knew he was in trouble. She doesn’t answer. Shortly after, Karl sends the message to his wife and takes off his wedding ring. He goes to Agatha’s room in the night and says that when he was dying, he heard her voice in his head. They kiss and definitely don’t address the fact that she has to be an L1 like Thale.

Lommie releases Cynthia’s father, despite Young Cynthia’s pleas not to. Adult Cynthia attempts to be reasonable with Lommie and explains that her father made her like this, not the crystal which only leaves me with more questions! Lommie is unsympathetic and locks Cynthia and her father inside together with Cynthia screaming and banging on the door. Thale doesn’t tell the others what she’s done when Eris asks what happened, as the ship stabilizes and says he can’t hear his mother’s voice. He asks if she is somewhere peaceful and secure, but Lommie only says she locked her out and then leaves the group to be alone.

Karl and others throughout the ship continue study of the living tissue from the probe and theorize that if cells can speak to one another across vast distances in the body. perhaps someone could use those methods to communicate across galaxies like a radio or telephone. The nice bee lady suggests that the cells are transmitting, maybe to one another but maybe also to the volcryn so they can listen to Karl and the others.

In a final big reveal, we learn that Auggie and Cynthia were lovers and that he does not know that she lives inside the ship or that she speaks to Eris. The episode closes with Roy, staring at the crystal in his quarters with a suspiciously quiet mind. While much of the episode reflects on the matters of trust and past suffering, its clear that there is much suffering yet to come and that Cynthia is going to be very angry when she gets out.