Flash 510 1

Team Flash waiting the sentencing of The Weather Witch. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “The Flash & The Furious” and Events That Occurred Prior

After it’s fantastic midseason finale (and pre-finale reveals), The Flash is back! Sadly it’s return is not one too revel in. At the very least however, the show immediately picked back up on the most interested reveal: Thawne. While we only got fleeting glimpses of his circumstance, we learned that he is less than an hour away from what was implied to be his death. Tom Cavanagh kills it as Eobard Thawne, and it’s always a treat watching his performance. It’s great to have Reverse Flash back in the picture, and not have a single clue as to what his plans are. The interesting part of this episode was how Barry Allen was take out of the spotlight, and all the focus turned to Nora.

After learning the truth about Thawne, Nora’s trust in people waivered. This is where the episode gave us a rather heavy handed narrative showing just that—Nora believing that people can’t change. She couldn’t bare to listen to Weather Witch, or believe her new attitude on life. To be fair though, neither could I.

Flash 510 3

Team Flash left to their own devices with Barry out for the count. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth.

Weather Witch’s sudden change of personality—a change that only existed to aid Nora’s story—felt extremely forced, and not natural in the slightest. Granted, we’ve only seen her in one episode, we still never even got a hint that this was inside her. Had they even attempted to slowly show her change prior to this episode, maybe even having the upcoming trial as a small background plot, then the plot would have come much more naturally. It doesn’t help that the one episode she was in painted pretty clearly as a one dimensional villain.

Now, let’s talk about this meta tech stuff. Honestly, I feel it’s just lazy—and it hasn’t yet amounted to anything interesting outside of Casado. It’s really only felt like a gimmick that the writer’s can exploit to have generate weak problems of the week. Like having a pair of car keys that can take over any vehicle.

Flash 510 2

The good ol’ West-Allens. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth.

Now as I mentioned above, the whole trial for Weather Witch felt kind of sudden and out of the blue. However, the idea of keeping up with the legal proceedings of the criminals that Flash puts away is an interesting one. One can’t help to question though as to why it hasn’t come up more often. It was great however seeing Cecil back in action, and getting more time with her character.

A rather weak episode put the spotlight on Nora, placed Barry on the back burner, and gave us a lame meta tech driven villain. The best parts involved Reverse Flash, as we learn his life may be coming to end (though, knowing him, I’m sure he’ll be fine). Also Sherloque’s curiosity into Nora and the cryptic time language is proving very interesting. Hopefully that storyline will bare fruits sooner rather than later.

Bonus Notes:

  • The fact that this new villain was trying to start a “new” group of Rogues was a slap in the face—seeing how we never properly got the original group in the first place.
  • Caitlin and Cisco’s disagreement over a Meta cure was certainly well trodden territory, but at the very least tensions seem to have been resolved already—hopefully avoiding tedious conflicts in the future.

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