Michael still doing damage control trying to figure out the next plan to get out of prison. He decides that he needs to get his brother as a part of this plan. He puts some writing on a paper airplane, and throws it with a piece of gum inside towards a bunch of children who are picking up items and notes from the prison. One kid sees that bubble gum man is about to throw something out and he goes to pick it up. The kid reads the message and smiles and runs to where Lincoln is at and puts the note under the mat. However Lincoln happens to catch the kid and brings him inside. Sheba talks to the kid who is scared and tells him it is OK as long as he keeps delivering messages he can have the whole container of Tic-Tacs. So the kids now call Lincoln Tic-Tac man.

Sheba is looking at the note trying to decipher what it is, while Franklin looks at map. The note has one random red dot on it, and Franklin believes that will be the location of where they need to go. They put it up and pin point where they need to go, at the abandoned location they see what Michael’s original escape plan was, that is no longer an option, and that he never planned to just get himself out. They see all the passports from the other escapees and Franklin starts to wonder if they are breaking out Michael or someone else.

Back at the prison, one of Michael’s cell mates is finally going to get hung for mounting another man as he feared. Ramal and his comrades string the man up, Michael tells Ramal to let him go, that Ramal needs him(Michael) and Michael needs his cell mate for the escape. Ramal refuses so Michael goes to get him down when the guards shoot some guns and tell them that no murder will happen in the prison. Someone who was in solitary confinement starts whispering tales into the ear of another of Michael’s cell mates saying he just uses people until he doesn’t need them anymore. He even offered to escape with just him, and that once he has what he wants he will drop him.

A short time later, in front of everyone, Michael and his whipping boy keep talking about the rumors he heard from the man in solitary. Michael tells him to stop talking some of these people can speak English. They get into the middle of a big group and start getting into it with each other and Michael punches him, the guards come in and break it up and Michael swipes a gold watch from the guard. He goes and whispers something to one of Ramal’s cell mates which makes the whipping boy even more skeptical.

The people who tried to kill Sara and attacked her family are following her again. They are at the hospital but not noticed by Sara. Looking at some pictures they see that Michael did contact Sara this time after a number of failed attempts, and that Sara will lead them to Michael. Bagwell has also tracked Sara to this hospital and hid in the restroom until Sara came in and cornered her. He backs away and lets her go towards the exit. He tells her that once he was released from Fox River a donor paid for his new hand, to the tune of one million dollars. Nobody does it by the kindness of their heart and the name was Kaniel Outis, which after a internet search is what was supposed to be Sara’s dead husband. He says they must be drawn together for some purpose, Sara takes the information but leaves still shaken. When she gets back to the common waiting room she notices that her phone is hacked.

Sara goes to a pawn shop to get a new phone, she asks the clerk if he can find out who hacked into her phone and he says he can. She leaves the phone and gets a loaner phone and leaves. The attackers come in and ask if they have seen Sara(picture). He says he can’t say anything store policy, until they threaten him and he says yes she was here about ten minutes ago. Sara is across the street in a shop watching to see who was following her. She baited them perfectly, but they go chase her. She ends up on the roof, and a recycle truck is the perfect diversion as they think she jumped into the back even though she was hiding under a vent.

The shop guy calls Sara and says that she hasn’t been back for the phone and she says she probably wont, but he knows who hacked her phone, she did. Her pass code is her thumb print so she had to have hacked herself. Sara remembers that she had a glass of water in Kellerman’s office and he must be behind it. Sara talks to her husband and she knows he won’t just let things go and not call the cops so she calls Bagwell and asks him if he is ready to go the distance with this thing. He says he is and she says that he needs to go pay Kellerman a visit and learn as much about him as possible as he is behind this.

Lincoln, Franklin and Sheba start working on the plan to get everyone out of the country. Lincoln already traded his passport so he needs to get a fake passport to get out of the country for himself and Michael. He pays $1000 up front for each passport and will pay the remainder upon completion. Lincoln wants to know how he can trust him and the guy says if he screwed him he would be out of the country and never found. Lincoln and Sheba go to pick up the passports, while Franklin and the power plant man go to kill the lights.

Sheba’s passport acquaintance does double cross them. A bunch of goons attack Sheba and Lincoln and lock Lincoln up. The same level 20 creeper that tried to get in Sheba’s pants in the bad part of town starts to torture her again. He was behind this, he seems to be the only one there and keeps talking about the past, and he sounds like he is going to rape Sheba. Lincoln hears the screaming and breaks out of the room he was locked in and beat that guys ass. He helps Sheba leave and Lincoln calls Franklin to get to the rendezvous point since Sheba is pretty beat up.

Meanwhile Franklin and the man are able to kill the lights with relatively little problem. Before that in the prison the guards start to look for the stolen watch, they order a lock down until they find it. Michael says in two hours the lights will go down and they can escape. Michael’s cell mate is picking his brain again, not sure on who is supposed to escape and saying he is sure that Ramal can escape as he is only a couple panels above them. One of the guards finds the watch in clothing of one of Ramal’s cell mates. As fate would have it this is when the lights go down while a number of people our out of the cells. Fighting breaks out, guards are told to only shoot if they have to but shoot to kill. Ramal and his mates are making a run for Michael’s cell to join the escape or stop it.

Ramal gets to Michael’s cell after his men killed a guard and got some weapons. Some inmates try to jump up into the escape hole. Ramal kills someone trying to get in before him as one of Michael’s cell mate falls out of the hole trying to stop everyone. Michael realizes he can’t save his man and has to try to leave. The guards catch up and see that an escape is in process and rush men to the roof.

Michael and his escapees are caught, and Franklin gets to the rendezvous point just in time to see them marched off the roof captured again. Back inside, Ramal says that he trusted Outis and his dogs, and now they are all going to die from it, maybe even tomorrow. Michael is pretty deflated and is in solitary again with a cell phone on 2% battery life. He leaves a message on it for Sara saying that he loves her, and he always loved her, and he never stopped. This whole lie was for her and she will see, even if he dies as the battery life dies…………All I can say is what in the world did he, and is he getting himself into. How is he going to pull out of this one?