Do you believe in the existence of evil? If you’re here and you’re reading this then I know you do. Thirty years ago our old buddy Ash Williams found the Book of the Dead, read from it, and now EVIL has found us, again.

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ screenshot by Crystal Spears from The Game of Nerds

Episode 6 of Ash vs Evil Dead, “Tales from the Rift,” keeps the fast pace of the past few episodes with a brutal Sumerian bloodbath and a battle royale between Ruby and Kelly who mad as hell and not going to take it ANYMORE!

With rumors that this may be the last season of the show adrift on the web, the writers have adopted a lightly self-depreciating tone with commentary from Ash about how few of us are watching. I appreciate that they’re writing for the chosen few and I’m glad to be a part of the fight against Evil.

Here are the need-to-know events of episode 6:

⇒Ruby and Ash’s scary blood magic baby is living in an icky pod and is growing up to be just like his father! Where did the time go?

⇒Kelly and Ruby face off as Kelly seeks revenge for Pablo and her parents, and Ruby does everything she can to stay in one piece until her evil Ash baby can grow up into his daddy’s evil twin. Ruby goes into boss mode and the Ghost Beaters take a big, emotional punch to the gut . . . (see what I did there?)

⇒Ash and Brandy are closer than ever as she toaster treat’s her way into the family. Brandy seems to be able to handle the truth about the forces of evil and the end of days but still can’t quite buy into everyone’s truth about Ruby / Ms. Privett.

⇒The last of the Knight’s of Sumeria are present, accounted for, and quickly disposed of. Except for the cute one. She seems to have another episode ahead of her. Pablo and Ash take them to the basement and El Brujo Especial opens up a rift to the Deadlands.

⇒Season 3 is coming to a head and all of the major players are in place. Kaya has come from the other side to help Ruby defend the rift, and now that she is in some familiar new packaging their plans to mess with Brandy’s mind are abundantly clear. The musical mayhem in this week’s episode is “Evil Woman” by Lou Rawls, which plays when the credits break. I’m always a little disappointed when no one dies during the song . . .

Check back next week for a review of Sunday’s Ash vs. Evil Dead, episode seven, “Twist and Shout.” We’ll see how Ash’s little demon baby is coming along and cry big, ugly tears for Kelly and harbor blind hope that she will be restored to us like Pablo.

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ