Narcos mexico

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Narcos: Mexico is rumbling towards its final conclusion, with the distinct sense that it isn’t going to be fun for anyone.

The DEA finally get to have a bit of fun when they raid Gallardo’s enormous marijuana farm. There is an insane gunfight with a huge body count, although none of the key players are taken down. What is taken down is a marijuana crop so big it can allegedly be seen from space. It is all cut down and burnt, which surely cannot to be the best way to get rid of a huge quantity of weed.

narcos mexico

Gallardo’s marijuana farm is so big it can allegedly be seen from space. PHOTO: © Netflix

Rafa has quite possibly had the most fun of anyone in this series so far, but this episode sees him hit rock bottom. He’s been feeling threatened within the cartel because his literal field of expertise is growing marijuana, and the move towards cocaine has left him pondering his usefulness to Gallardo. Despite cocaine being Rafa’s business nemesis, he puts an implausible quantity of the stuff up his nose, which lead to the horrific incident in the restaurant where he brutally murdered two innocent tourists who he thought were spying on him, because of his drug-fueled paranoia.

Rafa decides the time has come to quit the drugs, so he holes himself up in his mansion and attempts to go cold turkey, with just the help of his trusted friend Cuco, who gets vomited on and almost shot for his trouble. To replace the drugs, Rafa takes up the very wholesome hobbies of building a shrine to his ex-girlfriend and hallucinating, until it all becomes too much and everyone almost breathes a sigh of relief when he eventually gives up and gets back on the cocaine. Rafa off drugs is quite possibly more unpredictable than Rafa on drugs.

Also distinctly in the not having any fun camp is Don Neto, who is seen planning an incredibly extra mausoleum for his son, who was tragically shot in the previous episode. It’s basically a mansion, complete with a state of the art sound system blasting all his favorite tunes and room to park his sports cars inside. The thing is bigger than my house.

The record-breaking raid on the marijuana farm is huge news – huge enough that it’s impossible for the Mexican and US governments to ignore – but proceeding with any kind of action is a tricky situation because they’re all in cahoots with each other and everyone needs to remember who they’re being paid or blackmailed into protecting. Everyone on both sides is on edge, and unsure how to proceed.

narcos mexico

The DEA finally take down Gallardo’s marijuana farm. PHOTO: © Carlos Somonte/Netflix

Kiki and his DEA colleagues are in a jubilant mood after taking down the farm, and surely now that they’ve scored such a huge victory, the DEA’s presence and authority in Mexico will be increased. To their horror, because of all the intricate political machinations and fear of getting the wrong people offside, it’s decided that the Guadalajara branch of the DEA is to be wound down, and all the agents reassigned. The US government want to take the raid as a victory and get out before they are forced to ruffle any more feathers.

The Mexican government, usually pretty good at knowing what the DEA are up to, are unaware that they are about to pack up and head north. The big raid has got them spooked, the collusion goes very high up the political food chain and they need to know what the DEA knows. Gallardo comes under pressure from his political contact to kidnap Kiki and find out how far the DEA’s knowledge of the corruption extends. Gallardo refuses, saying it will bring even more heat down on them. So his contact goes behind his back and manipulates Rafa into kidnapping Kiki without Gallardo’s authorisation, and by the time Gallardo finds out what is happening, it’s too late.

Kiki is about to leave to start a new life with Mika in San Diego when he his abducted in broad daylight and shoved into a car with a bag on his head. He finally comes face-to-face with Gallardo, the man who he has been hunting for so long, but not in the circumstances that he wanted. His first conversation with him takes place with Kiki tied to a chair, at the mercy of Gallardo and his men. Gallardo didn’t want this to happen, but he’s clever enough to realize that now it’s gone this far, they may as well get what they can out of Kiki. The damage has already been done.

Kiki is also not a stupid man. He knows, and we know, how this is all going to end.