With the most present-day action and most cult members murdered, episode 10 of American Horror Story: Cult was truly killer. Centered around Kai’s spiral into paranoia as Ally continues her sabotage from inside his inner circle we are finally getting to the points in the story we’e been waiting for and can’t wait to see the last minute twists coming in the finale. 

Our favorite part of the episode was mosy definitely the return of Bebe Babbitt, complete with backstory. Ironically, Bebe met Kai as his anger management counsellor after he struck one of Winter’s liberal friends, and we couldn’t be more pleased with this flashback (and seeing Kai being held responsible for his actions and being the one getting manipulated). Unfortunately, Bebe’s time in the episode is short. While confronting Kai about his failures in ensiting female rage and derailing their plans she pulls a gun on him, and since nothing can be simple in this show Sarah Paulson rushes in and blows Frances Conroy’s brains out, because Ally will get her revenge.

American Horror Story: Cult – FX

But the award for best acting should once again go to Adina Porter as Beverly for the shaking, fear filled newcast woth Kai after the cult brutally murders Chaz Bono’s character (Gary) at a Planned Parenthood. Her delivery was shakey with Kai becoming more frustrated, as their ploy to create “fake news” by pinning their crime and the “Stop the Slaughter” sign on Gary’s body on the fake group “Woke Warriors.”

Winter tries to convince Beverly to leave, even offering ger a ticket out. Beverley views it as a test and doubles down, as some people do when confronted with their bad decisions. The ticket is later used against Winter when Ally frames her as the mole Kai has been spiraling into insanity worrying about (thanks Ally for getting in his head). Unfortunately it lead to Kai strangling his sister to death, leaving only Ally and Beverley in his inner circle, but we find out Ally knows the true mole is background cult member Speedwagon.

We foresee Beverley snapping, saving Kai from whatever Ally plans, and stealing vengence from her, causing a rage and killing anyone she can, including an accidental murder of Oz and she will also kill herself in the end. There will always be an unforseen twist, so we take responsibility for our false theories, but the theme this season is less lolotical and actually the loss of sanity.

American Horror Story: Cult – FX

The criticism we have for this is thr annoying Charles Manson halliconations plaguing Kai. It says something to his narcissism that he actively pictures himself as Manson, and there’s slight redemption in Manson’s progressive styliNg reflecting Kai’s mental state, but it felt a little too played up at an attempt to be “edgy” and “artsy” in an overly campy season. We hope to see him fully go off the deep end in the finale, so be sure to tune in!