The Winchesters have gone on many adventures over the years, to a world where they’re actors who play themselves on TV, to alternate universes teaming with giant monsters we’ve only gotten a glimpse of. They have been to Heaven, Hell, and everywhere in between, but now they’re going to a whole new world: The two-dimensional world of cartoons!



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We got a taste of loony antics in season eight, when a powerful psychic lost control of his powers, but this is the first time they’re going full-blown animation, and I can’t think of a more appropriate cross-over for them to do it with than Scooby-Doo. It was Dean’s favorite cartoon as a kid, which makes sense: all the monsters in Scooby-Doo turn out to just be people, whereas the monsters in Dean’s real life were very, very real.

It’s a heavily anticipated episode that has been in the works for a year now, and it’s FINALLY HERE!!!

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