Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 7 Yasss Queen!

Holy Moley! This episode made me so mad and then made me so happy. I was worried there for a minute.

Source: IMDB

At the end of the last episode Manny lost his head. Olivia, Lem and Bobo were tied up and forced to watch. Joe was to be crucified. Instead of killing them, she enslaved them all. Their spirits were broken for a little bit. Unfortunately, Joe was turned into a dark angel and is on Patience’s side.

A surprise to me, Manny isn’t dead. Yay! He and Walker try to figure out how to defeat Patience and her twin brother Theophilus. They must get Delilah out of the painting and fast.

Bobo tried to get Fiji’s soul back in her but she killed it. Bobo considers a deal with Basil to get a soul to put into Fiji.

Theophilus is getting sick and falling apart. Lem is forced to try to heal him and they let him have two minutes with Olivia. Olivia informs him that she is to be burned at the stake that night.

Will Midnight fall? Who will die? Will Fiji get her soul back? Watch Midnight, Texas and let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…


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