Source: TGON

Today I sat down to watch one episode of Kimmy and a few hours later, I had marathoned the entire series. At one point I laughed so hard I was in tears so needless to say, there is some great comedy ahead of us. But let’s stick to episode 4, which is one of the most heartfelt of the series to date! As we saw in episode 2, Titus and Mikey the construction worker made a love connection. And in this episode the two go on their first date.

In season 1, Mikey was finally able to admit that he is gay thanks to Titus’ help, and in this episode we see him go on his first date. He’s a bit overwhelmed, so he shows up early – way early – for Titus’ help with how to dress and act. The actual date doesn’t quite go as planned – a trip to a flashy gay bar doesn’t really pan out – but Titus and Mikey connect over their shared love of The Lion King and falafel and Titus is charmed. So much so, that Titus decides not to take Mikey home with him for a hook up – he likes him too much!

The next morning Titus admits to Lillian that he likes Mikey – perhaps too much. His previous dates had been nothing more than one-night-stands, but this time it’s different. Scared that if he gets to know him, Mikey will break things off, Titus decides to preemptively reject Mikey. But Lillian steps in. She tracks down Mikey at his construction site and convinces him to give Titus another chance. So, when Mikey stops by the apartment to pick up a tool that he left there earlier, he and Titus are able to make-up and give their relationship a go. And I for one was thrilled that Lillian stepped in, because Mikey and Titus are my favorite new couple. I can’t wait to see where this relationship goes!

Elsewhere, Kimmy is reunited with fellow bunker-mate Gretchen, who is having a difficult time out of the Reverend’s clutches. Unable to live on the outside, she has joined another doomsday cult (the Church of Cosmetology). Determined to help her gain her independence and avoid making the same mistake again, Kimmy succeeds in kidnapping her friend. With the intention of proving to Gretchen that she can live alone and make her own decisions, Kimmy treats Gretchen to a night on the town. Unfortunately it seems that the only decisions Gretchen is capable of making are bad ones, and she ends up doing cocaine with a Times Square Elmo. Kimmy realizes that Gretchen needs the structure provided by cult, but that she doesn’t have to be a follower. If she’s going to be in a cult, she should at the very least be the leader. And so the episode ends with Kimmy helping Gretchen found her own cult, in a strangely poignant moment.