This year, the Oscars did not disappoint. Tears were shed for many of the winners, who had waited for their moment and it was an overall feel-good night. Here is the best dressed on the champagne carpet.

Janelle Monae was dressed in a Vera Wang gown. Janelle is known for experimenting with silhouettes and looks, and she looked stunning in this gown. The separate bodice and skirt were modern, but I believe Janelle is one of the only people who could pull it off. The rich orange silk and velvet blacks contrasted beautifully with her skin tone.

Kate Hudson wore Rodarte. I adored this gown on Kate because she has always been a wild child who has embraced the bohemian lifestyle. This dress was right in her wheelhouse. The flowing sleeves and glittery sequins gave it a 70s vibe, and her hair and makeup were carefree and natural. She looked efforless.

Brian Tyree Henry was dressed in Dolce & Gabbana. This looked fantastic. I like how the embroidered elements were all done in white and silver to avoid drawing too much attention. And that the vest chain drew your attention down to the rest of his outfit. I thought it was a classy look because, despite its complexity, it was created with monochromatic colors.

Paul Dano wore Dolce & Gabbana. This appeared to have just the right amount of bling. The beaded elements created a polka dot effect, and I liked how the shirt and bowtie were done in a different color. It was a lovely blush tone.

Pedro Pascal was dressed in Zegna. Pedro has been dressing more fashionably lately, so I was surprised that he kept his look so minimal. I do like it, though, because he added a unique twist to the traditional tux. He wore a high-collared shirt with no tie and slouchy pants. For the more formal occasion, he slicked his hair back and added some rings to give the look more edge.

Daniel Kwan was dressed in Goodfight. This was a truly unique, one-of-a-kind tuxedo that paid homage to his film, Everything, Everywhere, At Once. The red color and appliques were similar to those on a sweater worn by the main character in the film. Along with this fantastic look, I liked how a bolo tie was used instead of a traditional one. Daniel and his film are quirky, and it was cool that his attire matched.