The last episode of Girls began like the first episode. Hannah and Marnie are spooning in bed together, but this time Marnie is the big spoon. Hannah wakes up surprised to see Marnie. Marnie reveals that she broke into Hannah’s house during the night and tells her that she wants to raise her baby with her. Hannah refuses at first but when Marnie reminds her that she’s her only friend who is offering to help, Hannah agrees.

We then jump 5 months into the future and meet baby Grover. Yes, Grover is the name Paul-Louie suggested. It’s sweet that Hannah wants her son to have a connection with his father, even if it’s just his name.

Hannah’s main struggle with motherhood is that Grover is refusing to breastfeed. Hannah tries everything she is told to do, but he’s just not having it.

We get a glimpse of Hannah and Marnie’s life together and quickly see that Marnie isn’t exactly loving it. It seems like she’s trapped. Hannah depends on her more than Marnie probably expected. When Marnie mentions that she would like to out one night, Hannah slightly panics at the thought of being alone with Grover. Marnie tells her not to worry about it and decides not to go.

Hannah wakes up one morning to find that her mom has flown in from Michigan. Marnie called Loreen because she was overwhelmed and needed help.

While Loreen tries to make sense of what’s going on, Hannah reveals to her mother that being a mother is, wait for it, not as easy as she thought it would be. No shit, Hannah.

Hannah and Loreen get in an argument and Hannah tells Loreen that since she married a gay man, it’s her fault that she doesn’t have a traditional family. Hannah storms out of the house like a woman on a mission but ends up aimlessly walking around town.

While Hannah is out Loreen walks in on Marnie touching herself while FaceTiming a guy. Of course Marnie tries to deny it when Loreen mentions it to her but Loreen shows concern that Marnie might not be happy. Loreen compares Hannah and Marnie’s relationship to her and Hannah’s father. She tells Marnie that because she made the sacrifices she did for her best friend she now hates him, because she didn’t let him go when she should have.

While Hannah is having her adventure childish tantrum, she sees a teenager running out of a house crying with no pants on. Thinking she’s being abused, Hannah gives the girl her own jeans and asks what happened. The teen tells Hannah that her mom wouldn’t let her see her boyfriend that night and instead was making her do her homework. Hannah is shocked by her response and lectures her about how her mother is just doing what’s best for her. It’s a little ironic since Hannah is standing pantless in the street after basically abandoning her own child and yelling at her mother.

Hannah returns home to find her mom and Marnie sitting on the porch. They don’t yell at her but simply ask what happened to her pants. An understandable question. Grover cries and Marnie and Loreen jump up to tend to him. Hannah insists that she’s got it. It’s funny that they both seem shocked that Hannah is willing to care for her own child.

Hopefully it’s a sign that Hannah has let go of her childish, self-centered ways, and realizes she has to step up. Hannah picks up Grover and attempts to breast feed. To Hannah surprise, as if he knew knew she finally assumed responsibility, Grover latched.